A Blue + Peach Sydney Apartment For A Young Family

Studio Johnston head of interiors and artist Stefania Reynolds was on maternity leave when she began dreaming up the renovation for her family home in Sydney.

Though the interiors were dated, the 1990-built apartment provided solid foundations and promised great potential. Being a ground-floor pad, it came with two spacious courtyards and three bedrooms — a rare find in newer apartments in the city.

‘All of the bedrooms and bathrooms remained as is,’ Stefania explains. ‘The main area — living, kitchen, dining, office and entry — is where the main renovation was. Budget-wise we had to be smart about which areas would really affect our daily happiness.’

Removing a column in the kitchen and closing off its double entrance was one of the first steps, which allowed them to transform the adjoining dining nook into a home office and storage room. A key component of Stefania’s vision was to create multiple zones that overlap, or a ‘venn diagram floor plan’, she says.

Blushing marble benchtops with gorgeous burgundy and gold veining add a touch of luxury to the new kitchen, while the peach painted walls and apricot cabinetry serves as a nod to Stefania’s childhood home on the Greek island of Corfu — one of her main sources of inspiration.

‘My room growing up was a peach colour and the other bedroom was blue,’ she says. ‘These two colours have been etched into my subconscious. The house had brown tiles, brass details, textured walls, and Mediterranean terracotta.’

Keeping to this colour scheme, pops of blue and terracotta are also seen throughout the home. One of the most unique and striking features of the entire renovation is the timber dining table with colourful mismatched legs — one is a blue and peach candy striped pillar, the other a vibrant terracotta gloss base. The table was custom built by Charlie Campbell.

Stefania says, ‘I loved the playfulness of the colours, and the stripes were something I thought my kids would enjoy. I showed my son a sketch and he said it reminded him of a lollipop which I loved. I wanted to ensure the space was vibrant and stimulating for my children.’

Another unique feature is the built-in booth seating, complete with velvety mustard corduroy and tan leather cushions. It pairs perfectly with the dining table as a gathering place, not just for meals but also family activities like arts and crafts!

‘This renovation, although not extensive or big compared to some of the projects we do, has completely transformed our lives,’ Stefania adds. ‘I believe when doing something for yourself sometimes it can be harder as there are endless opportunities which cast self-doubt, but the key is to follow your instinct and your gut will tell you what’s right.

‘The clients in this case were the most honest judges — a two-year-old and a six-year-old. They will tell you the truth, kids always do!’

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