Actor in ‘Outlander” says graphic from ‘horrific rape scene’ broke his trust with producers

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser in Starz’s drama “Outlander.” He said that he took a full-frontal shot with his penis after filming a “horrific scene” in which his character is raped. He also “betrayed” his trust in the creative team.

Heughan stated in his memoir, “Waypoints, My Scottish Journey”, that he opposed including the graphic shot because he “reasoning nudity sexualized a horrible experience for my character and it sparked quite an argument.”

He stated that even though the penis shot was removed from the show to make way for a more graphic image of him nakedly on the dungeon floor in the penis shot, he felt still “betrayed” by it all.

He wrote that he didn’t feel that being naked would increase the horror of what Jamie goes through in the castle dungeon. The power of imagination is far greater than reality.

Heughan said that the scene, which was filmed many years ago for the first season of the show, is unlikely to be filmed today. He wrote, “Times have changed.” “The c— shot was unnecessary, and it did deceive me a little in my faith in the creative team.”

It premiered its sixth season in 2014. The story follows a British Army nurse in World War II, who is transported from her honeymoon in 20th-century England to 1743 Scotland. She meets Heughan and falls for him.

Ron D. Moore, the showrunner of “Outlander”, stated that they are not playing around with this rape scene in an interview in 2015 with Vulture. This is the story. This is the part of the book we are following. It’s impossible not to do it. This is a terrible situation. It should be horrible.”

Vulture also heard Heughan tell Vulture in 2015 that filmmakers had asked him to reshoot the scene to get a wider angle.

“I was like, ‘Oh, god, I thought that I had gotten it all out.’ They said that they would only allow it to be done up until a certain point before it happens. The actor insisted that no one would call “cut” and was forced to re-do the entire scene.

He said that he remembers feeling scared and almost feeling like his trust was being broken. He said, “Great to play but horrible. Jamie was beaten, tortured, and completely broken down by it all.

He disagreed with some of the details, but he said that the rape scene was a “gift” for actors to be able to “play a moment with so many emotions and such big boundaries. This is a rare moment on television, I believe.

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