AEGIS token surges 92% on upcoming AI tool launches and market optimism

AEGIS token, associated with the Aegis AI smart contract auditing platform, experienced a significant surge, marking a 92% increase within the last 24 hours, reaching a peak at $0.2987. 

This growth comes amid expectations of forthcoming advancements in the Aegis AI ecosystem, as noted by a crypto influencer known as Jolly Green Investor. The influencer’s enthusiasm was shared in a statement highlighting Aegis AI’s imminent introduction of its AI-based security tools, designed to address vulnerabilities in the crypto domain. These tools include AI-powered smart contract audits, token legitimacy audits, protocol monitoring, and bug bounty programs, all part of the soon-to-launch Aegis AI dApp.

According to the crypto influencer, the surge in AEGIS token value is closely linked to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s emphasis on the need for AI in smart contract auditing and bug detection. 

Via an X post on Feb. 19, Buterin expressed his optimism about the use of AI for formal verification of code and identifying bugs, pinpointing this as one of the most significant technical risks currently faced by Ethereum. He advocated for AI’s potential to revolutionize this aspect, marking a significant stride towards enhancing security and reliability. 

As such, Jolly Green highlighted that Buterin’s encouragement for Ethereum projects to develop AI-based solutions, combined with the growing anticipation around the Ethereum ETF, positions AEGIS uniquely at the forefront of addressing these challenges.

Further insights were provided by a user responding to the influencer, referencing a recent AMA that unveiled additional features of the Aegis ecosystem. These features include a Bitsensor subnet, an operating system, a DePIN ecosystem, and SKL-based licensing, among others. This expansion introduces new revenue streams for AEGIS token holders, offering them an 80% revenue share.

As of press time, the AEGIS token’s price has adjusted to $0.2452, still marking an impressive 64.3% increase over the previous 24 hours.

AEGIS token surges 92% on upcoming AI tool launches and market optimism - 1
AEGIS 24-hour price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

The surge in AEGIS price comes as cryptocurrencies linked to AI, such as, have demonstrated resilience and substantial growth, marking significant price increases amid a widespread market downturn. Further, a recent Coinbase report highlighted that AI-affiliated cryptocurrencies have surpassed the performance of major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether since the start of the last quarter of 2023. 

Additionally, these tokens reportedly outperformed major AI-related stocks, including Nvidia and Microsoft, during the same period, underlining the growing role and potential of AI in the cryptocurrency sector.

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