Analyst: DeeStream could overtake Chainlink and Polygon in 2024

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Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) are popular projects. Chainlink is an Oracle network that facilitates smart contracts using data from off-chain sources. On the other hand, Polygon allows developers to deploy dapps. 

Even so, analysts appear to be closely monitoring DeeStream (DST), believing the project might trend higher in 2024.

Chainlink set for gains?

Chainlink is trading at around $14.1, up nearly 3% in the past day. 

Some analysts expect the token to reach $15. 

Even so, the uptrend momentum might not last.

Polygon on a bullish path?

Polygon prices remain under pressure. 

Still, the recovery to $0.7483 when writing is encouraging. 

Analysts expect the token to slowly print higher highs in the sessions ahead.

DeeStream may overtake LINK and MATIC

Analysts predict that the decentralized live-streaming platform DeeStream will likely outperform Chainlink and Polygon this year. 

Several reasons support this prediction.

DeeStream has a low price and a high supply; a net positive for prices. Moreover, DST holders receive benefits such as revenue sharing and voting rights.

DeeStream streamers can receive instant payouts, and viewers can save money due to lower fees. 

These advantages make it a worthy alternative to platforms like YouTube Live and Twitch.

DST is available for $0.035 in the ongoing presale.

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