Analysts predict AVAX price explosion amid OP, KangaMoon market dominance

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As Avalanche and Optimism navigate market fluctuations, KangaMoon captures investor interest with promising presale success and utility in the meme coin sector.

Amid an energetic crypto bull run, certain cryptos seem to be making significant strides. However, identifying the right contenders within the crypto market is always the key to financial gains. The introduction of groundbreaking projects and the swift price movement have also highlighted a few standout performers, including Avalanche (AVAX), which is predicted to undergo a massive explosion in 2024, as Optimism (OP) and KangaMoon (KANG) record positive market surge.

KangaMoon is an upcoming meme coin that has raised over $5m in just its stage 5 presale. This crypto showcases huge potential within the meme coin market by providing its early investors a 290% ROI.

Avalanche price set to explode 

A popular analyst and Twitter influencer known as Crypto Archie made an outstanding price prediction for Avalanche, stating that this gaming crypto is set to explode in 2024. Avalanche coin, having made giant strides over the year, managed to surge by 158% within the year-to-date price chart.

Trading at around the $32.45 and $35.20 mark, according to CoinMarketCap, Avalanche coin also has an RSI that stands around the midpoint of 49.31, suggesting a balanced market that does not indicate overselling or overbuying.

Looking into the future of Avalanche price, recent declines seem to showcase uncertainty among investors. However, Avalanche’s nearest resistance level and support lie within the $17.78 and $60.60, respectively. Something that hints at a possible fluctuation within the AVAX boundaries.

Avalanche supporters still remain hopeful, following Archie’s sentiments and the crypto underlying technology—a reason why Avalanche remains among the list of the best crypto to invest in 2024.

Optimism price fluctuation

Optimism has been experiencing a recent value decrease, having experienced a 28.06% dip within the past week, followed by a 33.96% dip over the last month. Despite this dipping momentum, the Optimism coin also underwent a notable 76.76% surge over the last half a year. Currently, the price of Optimism seems to be trading between $1.92 and $2.22, according to CoinMarketCap.

However, despite the price of Optimism showcasing mixed reactions, its Stochastic and RSI values seem to be almost balanced, meaning the coin neither highlights strong selling or buying pressure. According to the price prediction of Optimism, if it can maintain its support level of above $0.95, then it will certainly move towards its first resistance of $4.11, land marking its continued success within the crypto market.

KangaMoon growth might exceed the $5m mark in presale

Offering a stand utility, KangaMoon is on the bridge of becoming a top meme coin within the meme coin market as it continues to attract more investors to its platform. The KANG token has made a sensational presale journey start, having raised over $5 million. The platform’s new approach to the meme coin utility that involves blending the SocialFi and P2E features seems to mark KangaMoon’s rank among the leading meme coins to invest in 2024.

Moreover, KangaMoon offers an avenue for its users to easily engage in either weekly, monthly, or quarterly competitions and earn different prizes and rewards. In addition to earning through the platform, KANG holders also get to earn free KANG tokens by participating in different community activities. This includes sharing, commenting, and posting tweets that promote KangaMoon online.

Just at its stage five presale, the price of KangaMoon has surged to $0.0196 from an initial price of just $0.005, indicating massive growth within the KangaMoon community. With such massive growth, early KANG investors are currently enjoying a 290% ROI, with analysts predicting a 1000% price increase by the end of the ICO campaign.

The KangaMoon bullish sentiment has contributed greatly to the meme coin’s popularity. With a high possibility of a further surge due to the hype generated from the $200 billion NFT market value, analysts project that KangaMoon holds quite a bright future with a continued bullish run that could push the price of KANG to $0.5 in Q2.


Avalanche and Optimism might not experience major gains within a short period, but are on the right track to becoming the leading cryptocurrency to invest in. KangaMoon, on the other hand, stands out as a unique meme coin that’s set to capitalize on the defi market.

To learn more about this project, visit the KangaMoon presale website or join the community.

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