Biden administration expected to soon announce strategy for placing electric truck charging infrastructure in busy stretches: sources

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The Biden administration is expected to soon issue a strategy for placing charging infrastructure for electric freight trucks in strategic and busy corridors, two sources told The Hill.

One source said that the strategy could be announced on Tuesday.

Proponents of this approach argue that it could allow for more infrastructure to be available where a lot of trucking occurs, possibly making it easier for companies to invest in electric trucks rather than gas-powered trucks. 

Officials from the Transportation Department and Energy Department did not immediately provide comments. 

The anticipated announcement comes as the administration is also slated to soon issue a rule requiring a greater share of new heavy-duty trucks to be electric. In 2032, it could result in 35 percent of medium-heavy duty truck sales and 40 percent of heavy-heavy duty truck sales being electric. 

The rule is currently under White House review and is scheduled to be finished this month — though the schedule is not always followed. 

Criticism that the trucking industry has had of that rule has included that it underestimates the costs and feasibility challenges of building up significant truck charging infrastructure — a complaint the anticipated strategy may aim to combat. 

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