Biden camp: Billionaires like Musk view Trump as 'a sucker'

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President Biden’s reelection campaign argued on Thursday that billionaires view former President Trump as a useful “sucker” who will cut their taxes.

The Biden campaign issued a response to a Wall Street Journal report that Telsa CEO Elon Musk could get an advisory role in the White House if Trump is elected in November, as a way for Musk to have “formal input” over policies on the economy and the border.

“Despite what Donald Trump thinks, America is not for sale to billionaires, oil and gas executives, or even Elon Musk,” Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer said in a statement.

“Trump is selling out America to pay his legal bills and put himself in power, while all billionaires like Elon see is a sucker: They know if they cut him campaign checks, he’ll cut their taxes while he cuts Social Security and other benefits for the middle class,” Singer added.

The Hill has reached out to Trump’s campaign for comment.

The Biden campaign outlined that Trump has reportedly made promises to wealthy donors, including cutting taxes and backing policies that are favorable to billionaires. Trump last month raked in $50 million for his campaign at a fundraiser was hosted by hedge fund billionaire John Paulson in Palm Beach, Fla.

Singer argued that Biden, unlike Trump, is a champion for the middle class.

“Joe Biden has been standing up to people like Elon and fighting for the middle class his entire career — and it’s why he’ll win in November,” Singer said.

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