Binance to donate $3m in BNB to Moroccan users affected by earthquake

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Following the earthquake that struck Morocco on Sept. 8, Binance Charity, a non-profit organization connected to the world’s largest exchange, shares their commitment to support those in need.

The platform’s efforts include airdropping $3 million BNB to Binance users identified as living in areas affected by the tragedy.

Providing relief

The earthquake, which occurred on Friday night, had a magnitude of 6.8, centering in the High Atlas Mountains close to Marrakech. At press time, the death toll neared 3,000 people.

Given the impact of this natural disaster, the CEO of Binance took to X (former Twitter) to share his condolences for the people in Morocco, highlighting his company’s pledge to donate $3,000,000 to Binance users in need.

To meet these qualifications, Moroccan users must have had their proof-of-address (POA) completed before Sept. 9 and be located in the province of Marrakesh-Safi, which is said to have suffered the most impact. Those users will get $100 in BNB deposited directly into their Binance account.

Those who haven’t completed the POA could add this information between Sept. 9 and 30, and $25 in BNB will be added to their Binance account, while active transacting users will still receive $10 via airdrop.

The post estimates that these efforts will reach around 70,000 Binance users living in the region, with funds being available for users starting Sept. 12.

Providing global support

Despite Binance’s legal repercussions in several countries in Europe and ongoing battle with the SEC in the US, the exchange continues its charitable activities.

Binance Charity, although focused on web3 education, has had a history of material support, including the launch of the Lunch for Children program in 2019 in Uganda, a $1 million donation to flood victims in Japan, and $5 million for a COVID-19 relief campaign in March 2020.

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