Bitcoin Cash, Jupiter, and KangaMoon lead April’s altcoin rally

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April’s crypto spotlight shines on Bitcoin Cash, Jupiter, and KangaMoon, three altcoins poised for potentially significant growth. With Bitcoin Cash’s bullish trend, Jupiter’s aim for new highs, and KangaMoon’s rapid presale progress, investors have exciting opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Jupiter (JUP), and KangaMoon (KANG) are three top altcoins offering an alternative income source beyond traditional earnings. Bitcoin Cash’s price particularly stands out with its recent bullish momentum as it approaches a crucial resistance level. Similarly, the native Jupiter token is making waves with a bullish streak, aiming to surpass its previous all-time high (ATH) of $2 from two months ago. 

Meanwhile, KangaMoon is another interesting project to keep an eye on. Having registered several milestones including crossing the $4M presale funding milestone, KangaMoon is positioning itself among the best meme coins to watch for investors seeking potential growth opportunities in April.

KangaMoon maintains increase in user base and presale revenue 

The significance of the KangaMoon platform is its ability to combine the concept of GameFi and SocialFi altogether so as to give users the most improved engagement.

With over 20,000 registered community members and 5,800 KANG token holders, the current presale stage is still drawing in more users as a large number of investors prefer the additional incentives, like a 10% bonus on every KANG purchase, thus adding to the financial influx of the startup. The analysts expect the token KangaMoon to be listed on tier 1 exchanges by the second quarter of 2024. 

After surging by 291% from $0.005 to $0.0196, experts’ prediction for the year suggests that KangaMoon will rise to $1. That would be a remarkable feat in both the meme coin market and the blockchain gaming industry at the same time. 

Overall, KangaMoon basically offers a more sustainable part to the monetization of blockchain gaming. Notably, players can showcase their skills, engage in battle contests, and be rewarded for their successes, similar to what spectators could do by predicting matches for prizes. KangaMoon is unarguably one of the leading crypto picks this year by investors who are ready to catch the bulls by their horns.

Bitcoin Cash sees monumental rise 

Barely 14 days away, Bitcoin Cash recovered from a declining position below its weekly and monthly support of $455.97. However, after experiencing few rebounds, Bitcoin Cash was able to price above its support again and it has been on a bullish pattern ever since. 

Rising by over 32% in the past week and over 41.95% in the past month, Bitcoin Cash has seen impressive gains. Bitcoin Cash price is now holding in a weekly range of $472.61 and $696.91.

Jupiter sees all green

Jupiter token, on the other hand, plunged below its weekly support price of $1.34 at the beginning of this past week. However, Jupiter didn’t take time to recover from this decline as it started another positive momentum trending upwards to resistance areas. 

In the past four weeks alone, Jupiter had been able to grow by 179.47%, and over 29.00% in the past week. And with a weekly price range of $1.25 and $1.83, Jupiter is poised to hit an ATH very soon surpassing its $2 ATH, two months ago.

To learn more about Kangamoon, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community.

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