Bittensor sparks interest but Pushd presale steals the spotlight

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Amid a broader market downturn, Bittensor bucks the trend with a 15% price surge, while Pushd’s presale heralds a new favorite among crypto investors.

In the ongoing market dip, most tokens have experienced losses. Top-class tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen drastic price drops and losses in daily trading volume. Amazingly, some tokens are resilient and stabilize their losses with sharp price increases. One such token is Bittensor. With a current upward trend, its investors are reaping benefits.

The Pushd token is another such sensation. In stage six of its presale activity, the token sells for $0.144. With its current price push, the token has been reported to steal the spotlight this April. Some rumors have even suggested that holders of Bittensor may be buying the token to boost their earnings further this month.

Bittensor’s current market status

Launched early last year, Bittensor is an open-source protocol designed to power machine learning networks. The protocol’s unique feature of optimizing strategy for the development and distribution of artificial intelligence technology allows it to leverage the possibilities of a distributed ledger, which is why the crypto community has been able to trust Bittensor.

As of writing this blog post, one token of Bittensor is now worth $562.87 in the crypto market. This comes after a gain of about 15% was recorded for the token in the last seven days. With this new value, the token is now ranked #34 by market capitalization and has a total market worth of $3.6B. There are 6.5 million Bittensor tokens in circulation, making its current market supply at 0.40%

Bittensor holders buy into Pushd

There’s a rumor circulating that members of the Bitttersor community may be buying into Pushd. Bittensor’s trading volume has dropped by 45% in the last few days. This drop has a ripple effect, dropping the token’s rank to the #265 spot by daily trading volume. Today, an average of $14M worth of Bittensor is being traded across the market.

While this loss could mean a lot for the token and its community, it doesn’t necessarily mean the community is losing its members to Pushd. The news has reported that Bittensor could be one of the leading tokens before the end of 2024.

Pushd protocol

Designed to connect buyers and sellers of goods globally with blockchain technology, Pushd intends to create new standards in e-commerce. With Pushd, the common problems associated with trading, such as long withdrawal durations, middleman services, KYC processes, and many more, have all been eliminated from the platform. This is why the platform is user-friendly and puts total control in the hands of its users and investors.

The Pushd protocol has designed its native token. With similar names, the token will be the platform’s governing chip. Holders of the token will decide what additional features and changes the Web 3 marketplace will get post-market entry.

They can also suggest changes and features before the development team brings them up. This is why the Pushd token is one of the fastest-selling presale tokens in the market right now.

To learn more, visit the Pushd website. 

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