Bittsensor pumps by 75%, GFOX presale exceeds $3m

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Investors often lose out on potential gains by over-analyzing their investment decisions. Investors prioritize a project’s fundamental aspects in a market downturn, such as revenue and value. However, during an upturn, the focus shifts towards a project’s growth potential and storyline. In the next 18 months, Bittsensor (TAO) and Galaxy Fox (GFOX) might outperform the markets.

Bittsensor’s AI narrative

Bittsensor is firm, recently soaring by over 75% after being mentioned in Vitalik’s latest blog on AI. 

The platform is a decentralized network for machine learning. 

People upload their models, which are ranked. In this way, it creates better machine-learning models in an open and decentralized way. 

Investing in the intersection of AI and crypto is seen as a good choice for many, and owning TAO is one way to do so. 

TAO has a hard supply cap of 21 million, which rewards individuals who upload effective models and provides access to models on the demand side. 

Bittsensor is an AI marketplace, and investors are increasingly interested in owning TAO.

Galaxy Fox meme coin narrative

The Galaxy Fox presale is in progress, raising over $3 million. 

The project also has a Treasury responsible for around-the-clock marketing efforts.

At the same time, its runner game rewards top-ranked players and offers staking rewards to GFOX holders. 

GFOX is also deflationary.

Galaxy Fox’s unique aesthetic and small market cap could explain the high interest in its presale. 

Over the coming years, supporters say it will grow to compete with established play-to-earn (P2E) projects like Axie Infinity. 


When investing, it’s important to consider the market conditions. In a bear market, investors can prioritize projects with solid revenue. 

However, in a bull market, it’s recommended to invest in “narrative plays.” In the current setup, projects to consider include GFOX and TAO. 

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