BlockDAG’s dashboard leads transparency ranking as the company boasts $36m presale

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BlockDAG excels in transparency with its upgraded dashboard, surpassing Uniswap price predictions.

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) provides a solution to high transaction costs with its reverse crypto gas fee model, shifting these costs from users to developers. In parallel, Uniswap price predictions look promising as UNI sees a rise within a week, rekindling interest in the DeFi sector.

At the same time, BlockDAG has updated its dashboard, unveiling top whales and leading transparency rankings. Its advanced mining rigs, like the X10, are changing the crypto landscape, boosting sales even further. BlockDAG has raised $36 million from selling over 10.1 billion coins and 6,400 mining rigs. With a potential 30,000x ROI, BlockDAG is making this altcoin season particularly exciting.

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UNI price surge amid market fluctuations

Uniswap’s utility token, UNI, recently climbed above $9 from below $8, establishing a new trading range. This one-week rise has reignited interest in the DeFi market, with many traders and investors watching top DeFi tokens closely.

Despite UNI’s price increase and optimistic predictions, some investors remain cautious, considering potential risks alongside Ethena coin (ENA) and the new GambleFi token, Rollblock (RBLK). Uniswap, one of the largest decentralized exchanges, has seen gains this year, but this recent spike also brings concerns about market volatility and sustainability in the DeFi market.

Addressing high crypto gas fees

While blockchain adoption grows worldwide, high crypto gas fees continue to pose significant challenges, especially on the Ethereum network. These high fees deter transactions, particularly in economically constrained regions like West Africa. An example of this issue was Yuga Labs’ ‘Otherside’ metaverse NFT mint, which consumed $150M in gas fees.

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) offers a solution with its reverse gas fee model, where developers bear the transaction costs instead of users. Using “cycles” equivalent to gas, this model creates a more accessible and efficient environment for developers, encouraging innovation and higher user adoption.

BlockDAG’s dashboard upgrade & X10 miner

BlockDAG has recently updated its Dashboard, achieving top transparency rankings and improving user-friendliness. The upgraded dashboard includes powerful features like the Last Transactions Preview, allowing users to easily track transactions. This feature provides detailed insights into the status, stage, time, and amount of recent transactions, ensuring transparency and building user trust. By allowing users to monitor their activities, BlockDAG enhances accountability and provides a comprehensive view of their transaction history.

This transparency is vital for fostering confidence in the platform, as users can verify their transactions and stay informed about their financial activities. Features like the last transactions preview, hot news, and leaderboard preview create a user-friendly environment that supports informed decision-making and promotes a transparent, trustworthy ecosystem.

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Moreover, BlockDAG’s mining capabilities, showcased by the X10 mining rig, offer significant advantages over Bitcoin and Ethereum. The X10 miner is compact and efficient, mining up to 200 BDAG daily with a 100 MH/s hash rate at only 40 W, generating $10 per day. Its plug-and-play setup, with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, makes it accessible for both beginners and experts. This user-friendly method is more efficient than the energy-intensive and complex mining processes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, highlighting BlockDAG’s superior mining infrastructure.


The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) provides a solution with its unique reverse crypto gas fee model. Meanwhile, the outlook on Uniswap’s future remains positive, reigniting interest in the DeFi market. Simultaneously, BlockDAG has revamped its dashboard, unveiling insights into top whales and achieving high transparency rankings.

Its unique mining rigs, such as the X10, are changing the cryptocurrency landscape, further propelling the momentum of its coin presales. BlockDAG has raised $36 million by selling over 10.1 billion coins and over 6,400 mining rigs. With a potential return on investment of 30,000x, BlockDAG is making the current altcoin season profitable.

For more information, visit BlockDAG’s presale website or engage with the Telegram and Discord community.

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