Bloomberg analyst: Two major catalysts will drive expansion of Bitcoin ETFs in 2024

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Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas expects two key developments to broaden Bitcoin ETF access by year’s end.

The initial development focuses on introducing Bitcoin ETFs to mainstream advisory services, which have not yet been adopted by prominent wirehouse platforms overseeing assets valued between $7 trillion and $10 trillion.

Balchunas predicts these ETFs will be integrated into such platforms within the upcoming months, likening the expansion to enhancing product visibility in major retail environments, which he believes will bolster their adoption.

Furthermore, Balchunas highlighted the potential of larger investment platforms, such as Raymond James and LPL, along with numerous smaller platforms, to facilitate wider access to these ETFs. The second development involves the introduction of options trading based on Bitcoin ETFs, projected to commence by September.

In addition to these catalysts, Balchunas anticipates the creation of derivative products and strategies surrounding Bitcoin ETFs, including structured products similar to those developed around Ark Invest, as well as leveraged ETFs and investment strategies combining Bitcoin (BTC) and other assets.

These innovations, he asserts, will contribute to the growth and diversification of the Bitcoin ETF ecosystem, enhancing its appeal and utility for investors.

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