Cardano and Solana slide, new presale project raises nearly $11m

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After a strong weekly close, Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) are down 3.35% and 2.68%, respectively. However, other coins remain on an uptrend. Notably, the Bitcoin Minetrix presale is approaching $11 million.

ADA and SOL correct but uptrend remains

The recent slowdowns for ADA and SOL may not be of much concern, according to experts.

ADA is presently down 3.35% in the past 24 hours, and 6.14% this month but is up 7.5% this week.

The move has pushed Cardano towards a crucial mid-range resistance level, that initially formed at the beginning of the bear market but has recently come into play again.

Cardano and Solana slide, new presale project raises nearly $11m - 1

As the chart shows, ADA tapped the support and resistance once before losing momentum and dropping.

But with the crypto bull market on the horizon, this could indicate that prices are likely to correct to the upside sharply.

TradingView analyst FieryTrading speculates a move to the range high is imminent.

The analyst notes that ADA has broken out of a descending triangle, a tell-tale sign of a reversal to the upside. Because of this development, the coin will likely roar to $0.67.

Cardano and Solana slide, new presale project raises nearly $11m - 2

Solana is down 2.68% in the past day. However, it is up 8.8% and 7.37% in the last week and month.

SOL recently broke above its mid-range resistance level. 

The current pullback looks to retest the resistance level, turning it into support before an uptrend continuation.

Cardano and Solana slide, new presale project raises nearly $11m - 3

Analyst Ali Martinez predicts more gains for SOL, propelling it to between $150 and $165.

So, with the macro-outlook bullish for Cardano and Solana, analysts are confident the recent pullback could offer entries for optimistic traders.

However, one alternative strategy is investing in a basket of emerging coins with lower market caps. These projects are more volatile and could register more upsides.

One of them is Bitcoin Minetrix whose presale is inching closer to $11 million.

Bitcoin Minetrix presale nears $11M

Bitcoin Minetrix offers a no-fuss cloud mining solution built on Ethereum for complete accessibility and market-leading security.

It works by users buying and staking BTCMTX.

In return, they will receive Bitcoin mining credits and supplementary BTCMTX. They can then burn these credits for BTC cloud mining power.

Cardano and Solana slide, new presale project raises nearly $11m - 4

There are no hardware or upfront cost requirements, making it suitable for all levels of crypto users.

In that sense, Bitcoin Minetrix democratizes Bitcoin mining, aligning it closer to the initial ideology of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Another advantage is its robust security measures. The decentralized and transparent nature of BTCMTX eradicates the risk of scams, an issue that has prevented the mass adoption of cloud mining in the past.

Users enjoy complete control over their assets, simply staking them in the Bitcoin Minetrix smart contract and choosing how long for.

BTCMTX is available for $0.0134 at this stage of the presale.

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