Cardano reaches milestone; whales interested in KangaMoon and Uniswap

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Cardano achieves a new milestone as whales display high interest in KangaMoon and Uniswap.

Cardano continues to soar high in the crypto and blockchain industry, reaching over 10 million ADA native tokens. Next on the news, whales have embarked on a new buying spree. 

After the approval of Ethereum ETFs that were given by the US SEC, whales have been accumulating lots of ERC20 coins such as Uniswap and KangaMoon. The building whale interest may lead to a significant increase in the near future.

KangaMoon: whales show interest in Ethereum-based coin

KangaMoon (KANG) is one of the  ERC20 coins that has caught the attention of whales due to its utility and gaming platform. KANG is the native token and in-game currency of an upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) game called KangaMoon. The game opens up a metaverse for the players to play interesting games and win incentives like game assets and free KANG coins.

These games will be weekly, monthly, and quarterly based and this means that players will have more opportunities to make money. On the bright side, players can sell their gaming items at the KangaMoon marketplace for real money, making this a promising cryptocurrency project to invest in. 

Moreover, KANG holders will also be allowed to join the Social-Fi model before the general public even before the model is released. Here, KangaMoon incentivizes the active users to be active and also encourages the use of the platform. When you decide to purchase KangaMoon and share it on social media platforms, you have a chance to be given free KANG coins and even real cash. 

KANG is in the bonus presale stage currently and it is priced at a meager $0.025. Experts believe that there will be a 1000% surge in the price when KangaMoon lists on the prominent Tier-1 CEXs such as BitMart. KANG has recently joined the list of cryptocurrencies listed on both the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This could be a promising time to invest in the presale before KANG is listed on the exchange.

Cardano crosses 10 million native tokens

The Cardano (ADA) network has surpassed 10 million native tokens. According to the information of the IOG weekly report, there are 10 million native tokens from 120,576 token policies, and the network transaction count is 90. 8 million. At the moment the Plutus scripts are 46,698.

This achievement suggests that Cardano is gaining more popularity in the blockchain and crypto industry. In the coming months, the Cardano network is set for more growth and expansion, with the Chang network upgrade around the corner. Javon Marks sees ADA as a good crypto to buy now, with a potential rally from $0.460 to $3 before the year ends.

Whales go hard on Uniswap, anticipate rally to $15

The approval of Ethereum ETFs by the SEC has elicited a lot of activity from large wallet investors or whales who have acquired several Ethereum-based altcoins such as Uniswap (UNI). On-chain analyst Lookonchain said that whales are reported to have bought 214,465 Uniswap tokens worth $1.97 million.

Such massive buying activity comes from rising confidence among big investors as they view UNI as a good crypto to buy. Investment in altcoins like Uniswap coin may attract massive whales that may push the price of the token to $15 in the coming weeks.


At the moment, KangaMoon stands out as one of the promising cryptocurrency investment opportunities. At the moment, whales are pumping a lot of money into KangaMoon and Uniswap coins, because of their bullish outlook. While UNI could soar by 50%, analysts have predicted that KANG will increase by 1000% in the year 2024.

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community.

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