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CertiK: Damage from hacks, scams reaches lowest level since 2021

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In April 2024, damage from cybersecurity incidents such as exploits and scams amounted to $25.7 million.

CertiK experts say the current figure is the lowest seen since 2021. Losses due to cybersecurity exploits decreased by 141% since March.

Most losses are due to hacks, with $21 million being compromised in defi attacks. The leader in this category is the attack on the FixedFloat project, which was hacked again earlier this month. The team stated that the same attackers who compromised the project in February 2024 are behind it.

Exit scams were the second most costly exploit, with a total amount lost equaling $4.3 million. Instant loans, the third most costly incident in this category, saw $129,000 compromised.

The experts noted that crypto casino ZKasino was not included in the report as the rug pull was unconfirmed. At the time of writing, it is estimated that $32 million has been lost in the suspected scam. The ZKasino team allegedly collected 10,515 ETH as part of the ZKAS token presale. On April 20, funds were transferred to another address, the withdrawal was blocked, and the Telegram group was closed.

According to DefiLlama data, as of April 1, total losses from cryptocurrency hacks exceeded $7.7 billion, despite a 23% decline in incidents in the first quarter of 2024 compared to last year.

Data shows that defi protocols have suffered the most losses since 2016, with hackers stealing $5.8 billion from defi over seven years.

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