Coinbase launches consolidated on-chain wallet app 

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Coinbase has introduced a new wallet feature as part of its “super app” roadmap to simplify the cryptocurrency user experience. 

Coinbase has launched an on-chain tool to enable 360 portfolio management across multiple wallets holding cryptocurrencies on several decentralized networks. Dubbed the “Coinbase Wallet web app,” the solution provides a one-stop shop for tracking assets, executing token swaps, and sending funds, among other things. 

Users can access the platform on desktops and mobile phones and explore eight networks, including Base and Solana (SOL).

Coinbase unified app to tackle adoption issues

Despite global crypto growth, wallet management has posed an obstacle to mass adoption. Industry veterans have sometimes expressed difficulty using crypto wallets and hopping from chain to chain to interact with a basket of assets. 

However, Coinbase’s unified solution could mitigate concerns espoused by new and existing users. According to Sid Coelho-Prabhu, senior director of product management at Coinbase Wallet, eliminating wallet app installations, replacing 12-word recovery phrases with a passkey, gasless development on Base, batched transactions, and a simplified network navigation dashboard will encourage developers and users alike to flock to Web3. 

Such a solution may be crucial as the blockchain industry garners more traction in the coming months and years. 

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