CorgiAI overtakes PEPE as meme coin market cap exceeds $21b

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CorgiAI has recently overtaken PEPE to become the fourth-largest meme coin, with the token’s value surging by approximately 11% within a week. 

The rise comes amid a broader increase in the meme coin market capitalization, which has grown by 3% today, outpacing the overall cryptocurrency market’s growth of 1%. CorgiAI is a meme coin that operates on the Cronos blockchain, fusing the nature of meme coins with artificial intelligence.

The coin has been devised to support various AI-related activities, including creating and trading AI-based crafts and NFTs and offering a platform for AI-related job opportunities. With a total supply of 500 billion tokens, CorgiAI emphasizes community participation and creative exploration in the growing AI sector. 

Dogwifhat, another new token launched in December, has surpassed FLOKI, positioning itself as the sixth-largest meme token. Dogwifhat (WIF) has demonstrated impressive growth, appreciating over 65% since its inception and 34% in the past week alone. Newly launched Solana-based meme coins have shown impressive growth throughout 2023. BONK, launched in December 2022, has recorded a 1,157% growth in the past year.

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