Crypto price predictions: Litecoin, Rollblock and Polygon

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Crypto analysts foresee a major price boom with Bitcoin ETFs, Ethereum ETFs, and memecoin rallies, marking the last chance to accumulate altcoins before their values skyrocket.

With the recent events (Bitcoin ETFs, Ethereum ETFs, and memecoins price rally), it is no surprise that crypto analysts are expecting a major price boom. Meanwhile, crypto analyst MikybullCrypto, in a recent tweet, told his followers that this is the last accumulation opportunity for altcoins before their values skyrocket. Let us look at the price prediction of three coins – Litecoin, Rollblock, and Polygon.

Litecoin price prediction, analysts forecasts price pump to $120

Litecoin (LTC), also known as digital silver, is one of the altcoins that has potential in the coming weeks. A few days ago, Litecoin hit a new record of over 426,000 transactions while the number of active addresses pumped by 75%, even outshining Ethereum in the process. 

Given this increase in network activity, market experts believe the Litecoin altcoin price will rise to local highs in the next few weeks. Their major price target is $120, a price level that Litecoin has not reached for more than two years. 

Rollblock forecasted to give RBLK holders 1,000% ROI 

While top altcoins like Litecoin are aiming for a 2-year high, Rollblock (RBLK) is going for a massive price surge. Analysts are very optimistic about the project and the potential it has. Presently, those who bought its RBLK token have a 40% return on their investment.

Also, investors have donated up to $720,000 since the beginning of the presale. Analysts have estimated that RBLK could be a promising crypto as it might bring its investors a 1,000% return. Regarding the Rollblock project, it has introduced a GambleFi protocol to transform the $450 billion gambling business

Rollblock is going to provide an online gambling service that is licensed and will incorporate the blockchain in order to enable quicker, more secure and easier transactions. In Rollblock, users engage in over 150 high-payout casino games. For easy transactions and withdrawals, the gambling platform offers more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Rollblock is going to enhance its products and services and introduce sports betting to be a complete project for betting lovers. Besides the casino, Rollblock offers a passive income stream by means of a revenue share system. This model allows RBLK token holders to earn a portion of the casino’s revenue, with a portion of the platform’s earnings dedicated to making this happen. 

Rollblock will set aside up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy RBLK tokens from the open market. Half of these tokens are redistributed to stakers while the other half is destroyed to reduce the overall supply and make it more available. With the features listed above, RBLK is the best crypto to buy for more profits in the future. 

Polygon called a sleeping giant

Polygon (MATIC) has been trading in the red zone for a long time now even with a series of updates and improvements in the network. Nevertheless, the users of Reddit in a specific thread have claimed that Polygon is a ‘sleeping giant’ which has immense growth possibilities.

They believe its altcoin price would skyrocket if it is able to break past the resistance at the 100-day EMA. This region has acted as a point of great resistance for the altcoin since the beginning of April. If Polygon is to rise above this level, analysts believe that it is likely to rise to $1 in the next few weeks.


Market experts have a very positive outlook on the top altcoins, Litecoin, Rollblock, and Polygon, for the near future. From their price forecasts these coins are likely to see more price increases in the coming weeks. Hence, investors and traders should not disregard them at the moment while they are relatively cheap.

To learn more about Rollblock, visit the website, and socials.

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