DeeStream presale draws global attention while whales join presale

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DeeStream (DST) is making headlines as Ethereum and Toncoin investors join its presale, amid expectations of revolutionizing the streaming sector with blockchain.

DeeStream gains global attention, with presale predictions going up to 100X potential growth following the joining of their presale by whales from Ethereum (ETH) and Toncoin (TON). Ethereum’s most promising update, the eagerly-awaited Denun comes as Toncoin (TON) rises on speculation over the potential Telegram IPO.

Such a setting is what apparently pegs DeeStream as a revolutionary platform to the streaming market with its provision of transparent means of revenue generation and novel payment infrastructure. 

Ethereum Dencun update

Ethereum’s Dencun update, set to launch soon, has generated significant anticipation within the crypto community. It promises a reduction in gas fees and a boost in the scaling that currently helps plague Ethereum’s historic problems.

Nine implemented Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), including Proto-Danksharding and Dencun, aim to facilitate more efficient transactions and lower costs. As exchanges prepared for possible disruption, enthusiasts also prepared to witness the effect the updates would have on the network’s performance and adoption rates.

Toncoin surge amid Telegram IPO speculation

Toncoin surged in value following speculation surrounding Telegram’s potential IPO. Pavel Durov’s comments regarding Telegram’s revenue model stoked investor interest, and the price surged massively, coupled with heavy trading activity.

Meanwhile, on-chain analytics have revealed huge investments from crypto whales, and Toncoin’s technical analysis shows a bullish outlook.

As Toncoin comes closer to its all-time high, investors are looking forward with bated breath to more announcements concerning the IPO of Telegram and its influence on the value proposition of Toncoin.

DeeStream revolutionizing video streaming sector with blockchain

DeeStream enters the spotlight with its innovative approach to video streaming. Allowing content creators unrestricted expression, DeeStream (DST) uses its platform to offer transparent revenue generation and instant payments.

It will enable the presale, with benefits given to the investor at a 50/50 split in revenue and governance rights, showing DeeStream’s commitment toward community engagement.

With the experts predicting huge growth for the sector, DeeStream (DST) is all set to disrupt conventional media paradigms and offer the finest streaming experience to creators and consumers.

At the same time, DeeStream (DST) has friendly presale terms for investors, as it offers a clear revenue model.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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