Democratic lawmaker slams Project 2025 as 'un-American' 

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Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) slammed Project 2025, a grand sweeping plan by Republicans to advance right-wing priorities and expand the powers of the presidency, as “un-American” in a new interview Saturday.

Dean, speaking on MSNBC Reports, did not mince words when expressing her feelings on the sweeping conservative effort.

“It’s really un-American,” the Democratic lawmaker said. If you take a look at it, what we pride ourselves on, agencies that support elected officials and government officials who are legislating for a president acting as executive.

“Instead what they want to do, replace civil servants. People who are working for the good of the country without a political slant,” she continued.

Project 2025, known as the Presidential Transition Project, is a blueprint by the Heritage Foundation for if former President Trump gets re-elected. It aims to advance right-wing policies and expand the powers of the presidency.

The foundation pointed out on the project’s website that Trump “embraced nearly two-thirds of Heritage’s proposals within just one year in office.”

Dean went on to say the idea of replacing current civil servants with people loyal to Trump is very isolationist and nationalistic, ultimately calling the project “a very scary initiative.”

“That appends the whole system. We are supposed to be served by people who are not driven by political ambition or aims but by the good of the American people,” Dean said.

House Democrats launched an initiative this week to combat Project 2025, citing their alarm with the policy changes it proposes, including the elimination of certain federal agencies.

Dean went on to say that she doesn’t believe Trump will be successful in getting re-elected nor does she think Project 2025 will be successful, but said she is concerned about the potential danger Trump’s rhetoric presents in the meantime.

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