Dmitry Tursunov, Emma Raducanu’s ex-coach, says he quit because of red Flags’

Dmitry Tursunov said that he quit coaching Emma Raducanu after his trial period, citing “red flags” he couldn’t ignore.

After her split from Torben Beltz, the Russian coach, the Russian was working with the teenager. However, the Russian has stated that they could not agree to the terms.

Tursunov now works with Olympic champion Belinda Bencic, but he says that wasn’t the reason he quit Raducanu.

In an interview published Wednesday, he stated that he was leaving Emma without regard to whether another player was available.

“We disagreed on the terms, and there were red flags that couldn’t be ignored. It’s frustrating to see things like this.

“I didn’t hop from one player to the other, that’s not what I did.”

Raducanu made a splash in 2021 when he reached the fourth round of Wimbledon before winning the US Open.

At 18 years old, he became the first qualifier in men’s and women’s tennis to reach a grand final.

“She is hungry for improvement”

The teenager now ranks 76th worldwide, despite suffering from injuries and poor form.

She pulled out of Transylvania Open earlier this month due to a wrist injury.

Tursunov was full of praise for his former player, despite her struggles to get settled into the WTA Tour.

He said, “First of all she’s fantastic, she works hard and she doesn’t act or think like she’s a star.”

“She is always striving to improve her game and is obsessed with tennis. It’s a rare combination. It was a great experience working with her and I wanted it to work. It was difficult for me to let go of a player I respect and like.

“She’s a minimum of a one-year project in my opinion. But, I’d say she’s likely a two-and-a-half-year project just to be safe.

It’s difficult to say it and people don’t understand why she won the US Open. Her game is still very raw and could benefit from a lot more improvement.

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