DOGE signals bullish breakout; Angry Pepe Fork shows Pepe coin traits

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Dogecoin’s historic pattern hints at a bullish breakout. Meanwhile, Angry Pepe Fork shows traits akin to Pepe coin, promising new investor opportunities.

The crypto market has been in a frenzy state with noticeable fluctuation in the prices of top crypto coins. However, legacy memecoin, Dogecoin, has shown positive signs for an incoming bull run. According to several analysts, the Ethereum-based memecoin is replicating a historic pattern similar to that of 2017, and 2020, and could potentially witness an explosive surge soon.

In another development, new market entrant, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK), which is inspired by the popular Angry Pepe Frog (PEPE coin), is about to rewrite the existing memecoin narrative. By incorporating an innovative “conquer-to-earn,” APORK token aims to dominate the memecoin market. 

Angry Pepe Fork’s utility-backed memecoin aims for top crypto  

The Angry Pepe Frog sensation has been around for a while, birthing a whole lot of frog-themed memecoins, just like their canine counterpart. However, while most of these coins are largely driven by hype and online sensation, this new project is out here to make a difference. Hence, if you missed out on the early opportunities of Pepe coin, then this project may interest you a lot.

To begin with, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) stands out for many reasons, including its unique collective revenue share model and a unique staking dApp with flexible lock-in duration. In particular, Angry Pepe Fork is built on the Solana network and introduces a unique “conquer-to-earn” system that rewards the collective efforts of the participants rather than in isolation as most meme coin projects do.

Essentially, the platform encourages participants to work as a unit in order to rank Pepe Fork ahead of other stale memecoins. By leveraging participants’ combined efforts through social media promotion and staking, Angry Pepe Fork rewards participants with the native APORK token anytime the token climbs up the rank in the meme coin market.

However, its utilities go beyond the aforementioned one as Angry Pepe Fork also offers a staking dApp with flexible lock-in periods ranging from 30 to 60, or 90 days. Meanwhile, when APORK token surpasses a memecoin, the APY increases regardless of the lock-in period. That being said, the native APORK token is currently selling at a modest price of $0.014, with analysts predicting a 200% increase by the end of the presale and possibly over 350% once listed on top-tier exchanges.

Dogecoin price trajectory: Historic pattern suggest a bullish breakout

Legacy memecoin, Dogecoin (DOGE) has witnessed a lagging momentum over the past month as it barely registered 1% increase during the period. This sluggish momentum was further aggravated with the recent market downturn that saw the price of Dogecoin decline by over 12% during the past week alone, trading within a weekly price range of $0.16 to $0.14. 

However, despite the recent setback, the native DOGE token has managed to maintain its leading position as the largest memecoin by market cap. Moreso, several crypto analysts including Visionpaused, and Kelvin Capital are optimistic about the potential for the legacy memecoin to surge any moment soon.

In particular, Visionpaused, using a chart analysis, claimed that Dogecoin RCI lines show identical bull run signals as 2017 and 2020. While similar claims have been made by different analysts, they all draw a conclusion that the DOGE price may commence another bull run that could send it to the $0.33 to $0.35 range soon. 

Pepe Coin struggles to keep momentum amidst market downturn

After surging by more than 80% to reach a monthly peak of $0.0000169 about two weeks ago, Pepe coin (PEPE) has faced a noticeable decline in the past week. Currently trading within a weely price range of $0.0000147 and $0.0000121, Pepe price reflects nearly 17% decline. 

Although the recent market downturn has taken a toll on PEPE coin, it has managed to retain over 30% gain during the last month. This obvious resilience in the price trajectory of Pepe has placed it strongly among the best meme coins to buy now.

Can Angry Pepe Fork outperform Pepe coin and go against Dogecoin for market dominance?

Although Pepe coin has been around for a while, Angry Pepe Fork appears to be more sustainable. Beyond the hype, Angry pepe Fork introduces a utility-backed token that rewards the collective efforts of participants within its ecosystem. This unique approach not only set it aside among its peers, but also positions the token among the best memecoins to buy now. Moreover, it holds the potential to tackle top crypto coins like Dogecoin in terms of dominance.

For more information visit Angry Pepe Fork’s presale website.

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