Donald Trump teases crypto tolerance if elected

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U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has not pledged to crypto-friendly regulation, but the politician promised a stay of enforcement action against digital currencies.

During a March 11 CNBC interview, Donald Trump hinted that his regime does not plan to oppose cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) through lawsuits or other regulatory clampdown channels if elected again. 

Trump’s rhetoric has consistently emphasized his preference for U.S. dollar dominance, asserting that he wants one single currency at the top of the world’s financial highway. However, the presidential candidate noted the accelerated adoption of crypto in America and around the globe, noting that he’s uncertain about mounting an offensive against this innovation. 

The White House aspirant has spoken against central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) after onboarding a pro-crypto former candidate onto his team. Trump believes that a CBDC would threaten American freedom by handing over total control over money to the federal government

Donald Trump owns crypto, but not Bitcoin

As previously reported by, Donald Trump owns over $3 million in blockchain-based digital currencies. As Trump confirmed during his interview, Bitcoin is not a feature among the holdings. 

Most of Donald Trump’s crypto is denominated in Ethereum (ETH), crypto’s second largest token. This is mainly due to licensing fees tied to his NFT projects. Trump also said he sometimes accepts crypto payments for merchandise, like his sneaker collection. 

U.S. Representative Tom Emmer was quoted saying that the crypto sector may benefit from Donald Trump’s possible second stint as president. The sentiment was echoed by Brian Brooks, former chief legal officer at Coinbase, who remarked that Trump’s regulatory appointees may have a friendly approach to cryptocurrency oversight.

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