Enjoy Unique Craft Beers, Spirits, Cocktails, Entertainment and Food at Miami’s Magic 13 Brewing Co.

At times, we need a casual night out. Yet, that does not mean we should ignore the importance of quality dining and offerings at a restaurant or bar. Magic 13 Brewing Co., located in the newly minted Magic City Innovation District, is a brewery and restaurant that offers locally brewed beers that are only available at the brewery and restaurant. The brewery also offers a selection of spirits made in-house by experts. The spirits offered at the brewery and restaurant include vodka, a delicious rum aged 4 years, and wheat-made whiskey.

The addition of spirits comes after the location’s one-year anniversary, where they have become a Magic City Innovation District Staple and plan to create more during the summer. Ultimately, the collection of spirits will be named Magic 13 Spirits, and we recommend that visitors give them a sip and try out the diverse offerings of these new additions to their menu.

The introduction of spirits gives visitors new options and a chance to sip on cocktails, such as the Lucky 13, which mixes rum, high horse, orange, and cherry, making it a party for your palate. As for the spot’s beers, a local favorite is their Black Cadillac Stout, one that is also used to produce beer syrups added to many of the spot’s cocktail offerings. Oh, and don’t leave without trying their Magic Mojito, a delicious concoction that gives the classic Miami favorite the perfect and flavorful treatment it deserves.

Magic 13 Brewery Midnight

Magic 13’s food offerings include a charcuterie board offering meats and cheeses worldwide and delicious upscale appetizers for sharing, such as pork chicharron and grilled octopus.

The environment at Magic 13 is as soothing as it’s full of energy. There is a gorgeous and breezy outdoor patio and beer garden where visitors mix and mingle, holding their beverage of choice. Then there’s the taproom, where you can have a laid-back moment sipping and trying out their drinks and brews. Also, the venue offers live entertainment, such as concerts, and has the option of booking private events for those who might be interested in using the space for a special occasion.

It’s the type of place where the magic of communication, getting together with friends, date nights and the importance of time with friends connect. Not only that, it’s a different type of brewery and restaurant, hidden away and different from the usual, making it worth the visit.

Magic 13 Beer

Magic 13 Brewing Co., is located at 340 NE 61st Street in the Little River neighborhood and is open Tuesday-Friday, Noon-2AM; Saturday, 11AM-2AM and Sunday 11AM-11PM. Follow all of M13’s happenings on social media @magic13brewing.  Private event inquiries can be sent via https://magic13brewing.com/private-events/

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