Trump World Eric 110223 AP Seth Wenig

Eric Trump says his father's in a better position to win election than previous years


Trump World Eric 110223 AP Seth Wenig

Eric Trump said his father, former President Trump, is in a better position to win the next presidential election than he was in previous years in Saturday comments.

“He is, Brian,” Trump responded to Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade’s question about whether former President Trump is in a “better position now,” Trump despite facing a slew of legal battles.

“[A]bsolutely, there’s no question about it,” the Trump Organization’s executive vice president continued.

He added, “Biden has been such a monumental failure, the Democratic policies aren’t working, we’re going into World War III right now, inflation’s a disaster, our economy’s a disaster, everything’s more expensive in our nation, we’re on a brink of a recession.”

A recent CNN poll found the former president leading current President Biden by 4 percentage points in a hypothetical rematch of the two 2020 presidential election competitors. Trump was found polling at 49 percent to the current president’s 45 percent among registered voters.

Another recent poll from The New York Times and Siena College saw similar results, finding Biden trailing his rival in five important battleground states. 

However, last Tuesday’s election results turned up some wins for Biden’s party amid his polling struggles. Gov. Andy Beshear (D-Ky.) won reelection in heavily Republican Kentucky and Virginia Democrats kept the state Senate and flipped control of the House of Delegates.

It’s unclear how Trump’s legal woes could impact his popularity in the next year, as some of his trials are currently slated to begin prior to next year’s election day.


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