ESPN host Pat McAfee apologizes for ‘White b—-’ remark about Caitlin Clark

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ESPN host Pat McAfee on Monday apologized for referring to Indiana Fever player Caitlin Clark as a “white b—-” in a conversation over whether race has played a role in the treatment of the WNBA star.

“I shouldn’t have used ‘white b—-‘ as a descriptor of Caitlin Clark. No matter the context… even if we’re talking about race being a reason for some of the stuff happening… I have way too much respect for her and women to put that into the universe,” McAfee wrote in a post on X Monday.

“My intentions when saying it were complimentary just like the entire segment, but a lot of folks are saying that it certainly wasn’t at all,” he added. “That’s 100 percent on me, and for that, I apologize…I have sent an apology to Caitlin as well.”

His remarks came hours after McAfee spoke about Clark on his program—which airs on ESPN and YouTube—and how she is to thank for the WNBA’s rise in popularity this year.

“What we’re trying to say is, what the WNBA currently has is what we like to describe as a cash cow. There is a superstar,” McAfee said Monday morning. “I would like the media people that continue to say, ‘This rookie class, this rookie class, this rookie class’. Nah, just call it for what it is – there’s one White b—- for the Indiana team who is a superstar.”

McAfee later called out the referees for what he believes is a failure to protect Clark, this year’s No. 1 draft pick, from unfair treatment on the court.

“Is there a chance people just enjoy watching her play basketball because of how electrifying she is, what she did, what she stood for, how she went about going, what she went for?” McAfee said.

“Maybe. But instead, we have to hear people say we only like her because she’s White, and she’s only popular because the rest of the rookie class is doing what they’re doing. Well, that’s a bunch of bulls**t and we think the WNBA — more specifically their refs — need to stop trying to screw her over at every single turn. What you have is somebody special and we’re lucky she’s here in Indiana,” he added.

The comments immediately drew backlash from some online, including ESPN WNBA reporter Alexa Philippou, who wrote on X, “The men are not ok,'” shortly after the segment aired.

Referring to Caitlin Clark as ‘the white b—- for Indiana.’ That’s beyond being too comfortable. Just totally unacceptable,” former ESPN host Jemele Hill wrote on X.

The Hill reached out to ESPN for comment.

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