Fezoo Exchange presale explodes post-Bitcoin halving; Solana investors anticipate 20x returns

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The foremost crypto token, Bitcoin, continues to dominate and direct the market movement. 

Since the halving, investors have renewed interest, anticipating a price explosion like the one that occurred shortly after the last halving in 2020.

While several investors expect their holdings to explode, tokens such as Fezoo have shown every sign of price explosion right from presale with expectations of 20X return. 

How is the crypto market responding to Bitcoin Halving?

As expected, the first response to the halving event on April 21 was the slash in Bitcoin transaction fees. This time around, there was an immediate hike post-halving. Shortly after the halving, transaction fees for medium-priority transactions rose to over $146 and $170 for high-priority transactions. A few days later, the transaction fees dropped significantly and are now aligning with predictions.

In response, there have been increased transactions, signifying a spike in trading movement across the crypto market. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has surged by 4.85% since the halving event, with expectations of a significant surge in the coming weeks.

Despite market fluctuation, Solana stakes major holding

In recent times, several events and decisions have thrown Solana holders into a jittery mood, from the price correction to the market fluctuations and now the staking arrangement.

The primary cause of unrest is the decision to stake a whopping $24 million in tokenized Solana locked on Lido, a staking platform. While staking is standard practice, this procedure is sketchy as stakeholders were unaware of the platform’s financial unsustainability and faulty smart contract. Recently, these stakeholders were informed that Lido had ceased operation, and the staked $24 million remains trapped.

Since the stakeholders became aware, Solana has recorded a 22.1% decline in the past month. While Solana stood at $190 before the halving, it has dropped to $147.29 and might fall further in the coming days.

Fezoo draws interest and attention with 20x returns

Crypto investors and traders have been seeking a viable and reliable alternative to centralized exchanges for a while now. No wonder there has been increased interest and attention around Fezoo, as it presents a decentralized exchange platform where traders can connect and transact for just $0.013 with a 20X return.

Currently, in the presale stage, Fezoo holders will completely control their funds when they set up their wallets by entering their email addresses and usernames. When you invest in Fezoo at its presale, you enjoy lower trading fees and can use trading bots to make copy trades. This trading bot helps you prompt your trade orders instead of manually putting them.

Fezoo offers a sophisticated VIP program that rewards users for their trading activity. Unlike other exchange platforms that charge for every trade, Fezoo encourages more trading by offering rewards and kickbacks. The more you trade, the higher your rewards and the more you can move up the ranks. And the cherry on top? More trading on Fezoo can attract up to a 70% kickback.

To learn more about this project, visit the Fezoo presale website. 

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