Floki rises as PlayDoge emerges as new P2E memecoin with potential 

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As Floki experiences a significant surge in value, PlayDoge emerges as a promising new play-to-earn (P2E) memecoin, attracting substantial investor interest.

Some of the leading tokens in the memecoin space have seen considerably bullish momentum of late. One such token is Floki (FLOKI), the popular play-to-earn meme cryptocurrency, up by over 50% in the past month following a series of positive developments. 

Another trending play-to-earn token is PlayDoge (PLAY), the native token of a new mobile-based crypto game that transforms the iconic Doge meme into a playable virtual avatar. Making a strong debut through its presale launch, PlayDoge has raised over $370k in just a few days. 

Floki soars by 50% after new project developments 

After trading sideways for the entirety of 2022, Floki (FLOKI) is back among the trending memecoins in 2024. This memecoin has increased by over 20% in the last 14 days and 50% in the past 30 days. 

Floki rises as PlayDoge emerges as new P2E memecoin with potential  - 1

One reason for the price surge is Floki’s new Telegram trading bot announcement. On 28th May 2024, Floki stated that it would introduce a Telegram-based bot on the BNB Chain network. The bot will support multiple blockchain networks, giving it an edge over some of the biggest Telegram bots, such as Trojan and BonkBot. 

The bot launched as a closed beta on the mainnet of three of the biggest EVM chains. On the same day as the Telegram bot announcement, the FLOKI price increased by 14%. 

Bullish momentum continued as the Coinbase International Exchange announced that it would roll out perpetual future contracts for Floki. In a tweet on May 23rd, Coinbase stated that it will support perpetual contracts for three major meme coins: Bonk, Shiba Inu, and Floki. 

The Floki perpetual contract will go live on 30th May 2024 at 9:30 am UTC. This decision is expected to increase Floki’s liquidity and attract more investors to the project.

Floki also announced a new Bug Bounty program on 27th May. Through this initiative, the Floki community can review the code and prevent hacks on the ecosystem. Floki promises a bounty of up to $50,000 for finding any potential bugs in the ecosystem. 

Currently, FLOKI is priced at $0.00027 per token and has a live market cap of $2.7 billion. 

Is this memecoin the next Floki? 

While already established P2E tokens such as Floki are soaring in valuation, investors are also flooding toward a new P2E memecoin presale – PlayDoge (PLAY). Within two days of its presale launch, PlayDoge has raised more than $370K. 

Floki rises as PlayDoge emerges as new P2E memecoin with potential  - 2

PlayDoge is combining everyone’s love for memes with financial incentives. Its P2E mobile game will feature the iconic Doge as a playable avatar. PlayDoge will take users down memory lane as it embraces 90s nostalgia with its classic 8-bit side-scrolling game. 

In the game, players must closely look after, feed, and train their Doge pets. Players can collect HP points through upcoming mini-games and climb up an online leaderboard to win PLAY tokens as a reward. 

This multi-use token also offers a high staking yield through its smart contract. At press time, PLAY can be staked to generate an APY (Annual percentage yield) of up to 800%. With the recent price surge of Floki, it is clear that investors are looking for projects that combine the power of memes with real utility.  

Therefore, PlayDoge could become one of the top P2E memecoins in the long term. At press time, PLAY is priced at $0.005 on presale. 

To learn more, check out the official PlayDoge on Presale.

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