FTX ad-hoc grows to $700k in claims as community prepares for bankruptcy vote

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The FTX Customer Ad-Hoc Committee has over 1,400 signups and $700,000 in claims. 

The committee is also preparing to distribute more information to guide members through the bankruptcy plan vote. The additional information will include strategic advice and detailed instructions to assist claimants in making informed decisions and taking concerted action to protect their rights.

The FTX Customer Ad-Hoc Committee (CAHC) represents a group of former FTX customers holding claims in the nine-figure range. This committee has become the largest voting block in the FTX bankruptcy cases, aiming to address significant issues impacting the recovery of customer property

The committee’s efforts include opposing plans that do not prioritize customer interests, such as ensuring customers recover the current valuation of their crypto assets due to theft, avoiding unnecessary taxes for non-U.S. customers, and advocating for digital distributions of recoveries instead of checks, which could delay and reduce recoveries.

Last week, Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO and founder of FTX, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, the FTX saga is far from over, with recent controversies surrounding Sullivan & Cromwell, a law firm deeply intertwined with FTX’s operations. 

Sullivan & Cromwell has come under intense scrutiny and legal challenge from FTX customers and investors, who allege that it played a significant role in enabling the environment that led to FTX’s collapse. Accusations range from conflict of interest to aiding and abetting the fraudulent activities that ultimately doomed the exchange. 

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