HAKUHODO KEY3, Mazda, and Mitsubishi Estate collaborate to launch web3 hackathon

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Hakuhodo Inc., a Tokyo-based web3 marketing firm, is teaming up with Mazda Motor Corporation and Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd to announce the Web3 Global Hackathon 2023, set to begin on Sep. 30, 2023.

The Web3 Global Hackathon 2023

The initiative is organized by HAKUHODO KEY3, a web3 business development company founded in December 2022 by Hakuhodo Inc. 

The event is the second installment of a series of hackathons in collaboration with several other notable corporate sponsors.

Web3 is seen as the next phase of the internet after web2. To fully utilize web3, there is a need for decentralized applications built on the multiple layers of the blockchain infrastructure. For that reason, HAKUHODO KEY3 was created to organize hackathons to cultivate the innovation needed to introduce decentralized applications and their use cases into users’ daily lives.

The Web3 Global Hackathon 2023 is scheduled from Sep. 30 to Dec. 9, 2023, with arrangements made for physical and virtual participation.  Its schedule includes an entry period from Sep. 4 to Nov. 24, 2023, a kickoff event on Sep. 30, and a development period from Sep. 30 to Nov. 24, 2023.

The prize pool is ¥11 million worth of Astar and would be distributed to the winning team. Each team is supposed to be one to four members, and registration is done officially through the website. 

Aside from the prize pool, other prizes such as the Mazda Grand Prize, Mazda Excellence Prizes, Mitsubishi Estate Grand Prize, Mitsubishi Estate Excellence Prize, Astar Grand Prize, and many more are available for participating teams.

The hackathon is for interested engineers, business developers, designers, and marketers.

Mazda and Mitsubishi Estate aims to drive web3 innovation

The Web3 Global Hackathon 2023 is also designed to align with Mazda and Mitsubishi Estate’s corporate characteristics and strengths. 

Successful teams are set to receive funding, recognition, investment, collaborative development opportunities, and support for implementing their design to improve society.

Mazda focuses on drive-to-earn innovations to make the driving experience fun for drivers and passengers. Mitsubishi Estate is focused on decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) building in Tokyo. 

It aims to use web3 technology to create organic connections among users to transform parts of Tokyo into a web3 city called the TOKYO TORCH district.

Aside from Mazda and Mitsubishi Estate, some other partners of the hackathon are Astar Foundation, Biconomy, Bunzz, Ginco, UNCHAIN, AKINDO, bitbank, Skyland Ventures, TEAMZ, TechFeed, and the Web3 Foundation.

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