Hong Kong anticipates Bitcoin, Ethereum ETFs surpassing US in 1st-day trading volume

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Hong Kong is set to launch new Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. EDT, with an expected larger initial trading volume than in the United States.

“I am very confident that the trading scale of the Hong Kong virtual asset spot ETF on the first day of listing can exceed that of the United States,” said Zhu Haokang, head of digital asset management and family wealth at Huaxia.

The U.S. saw a first-day trading volume of $125 million across ten Bitcoin spot ETF issuers earlier this year, a figure Hong Kong aims to surpass.

The ETFs will feature unique elements not present in U.S. counterparts, such as in-kind redemptions and subscriptions and the ability to handle transactions in multiple currencies, including Hong Kong dollars, U.S. dollars, and RMB. Moreover, the ETFs will enable wallet-to-wallet transfers, enhancing their appeal to a global audience.

OSL ETF Project Lead Wayne Huang highlighted the robust regulatory framework in Hong Kong that supports these initiatives.

“Hong Kong can be the first in the world to launch an Ethereum spot ETF,” Huang explained, emphasizing the clear and established guidelines from the China Securities Regulatory Commission regarding classifying cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) as non-securities.

Despite advancements, mainland Chinese investors are currently excluded from participating in these ETFs, though international, institutional, and retail investors from Hong Kong and other regions are eligible.

The Hong Kong market’s approach, particularly its operational processes, such as physical subscriptions and rigorous anti-money laundering measures, sets a new benchmark in the cryptocurrency ETF domain.

“Physical subscription is a pioneering initiative for Hong Kong ETFs,” said Huang, detailing the steps required for investors to transfer their digital assets securely through approved brokerage firms.

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