How To Inject A Mid-Century Mood Into Any Interior

There’s something about mid-century style that seems to endure. With predilection for clean lines, geometric shapes and timber details, this retro look favours functionality and champions honest materials.

Here we’ve pulled together a few tips to help you re-create this much-loved style at home:

Primary colours: Whether bold or muted, primary colours are essential when bringing together a mid-century-inspired interior. Bright reds, ultramarine blues and sunshine yellows are truest to this look, but if you’re not feeling bold enough to hit these striking hues, deeper maroons, olive greens and navy blues will tone it down whilst still maintaining a nod to the style.

Soft curves vs sharp edges: Contrast in any interior setting is your best friend, and works particularly well for a mid-century-inspired look. In the moodboard above, we’ve chosen the 70s-inspired King Living 1977 sofa and the Grazia & Co Featherston Curl Up armchair for their cosy, rounded lines. They look great paired with the sharp-edged Quaderna 656 coffee table from Cult and the graphic artwork by Evi O.

Texture: Don’t be afraid to explore textures, from the floor to the walls, and even in your furniture choices — it’s a great way to add dimension to your space. Here, we’ve chosen Supertuft’s Escape Twist poppy carpet for the floor, timber panelling for the walls and dimpled fabric on the couch.

Styling with collections: A great way to inject personality into your home is with collections of ‘things’. In line with our mid-century inspiration, we’ve pulled together a collection of objects that speak to this era, including timber carvings, coloured glass, primary-coloured sculptures, and a mix of old and new items.

Additional moodboard credits: (from left) Artek Sinea cushion from Finnish Design Shop. Audo Copenhagen Interconnect candle holder from Finnish Design Shop. Cheryl Edwards ‘Aqueous Blue #5’ from Craft Victoria. Wooden fruit bowl by Walk in the Park. Vitra Cone Base table clock from Finnish Design Shop. Wooden candlestick holders from Walk in the Park. Lucy Tolan Rock Pressed Tile Vessel in white and blue from Craft Victoria. Liam Fleming ‘Graft’ vase from Craft Victoria. 

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