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Of all the areas poised to be upended by the integration of AI into defi, “intents” and “solvers” are high on the list and could potentially reshape the financial landscape forever.

At its core, an intent represents a market participant’s desired outcome translated into an actionable directive. Imagine seeking Bitcoin (BTC) at a pre-determined price—that’s an intent. Enter an AI-powered solver, a sophisticated algorithm wielding the power of vast data analysis and machine learning. It could scour on-chain and off-chain realms, not just to secure the best execution but to predict market movements, identify hidden opportunities, and tailor complex trade requests to your unique risk profile and financial goals. 

Intent and solvers are new terms to describe something that has existed in defi for a while, and they originated in TradFi and CeFi. RFQs (request-for-quote) are actually a TradFi and CeFi version of intents. An RFQ helps solve problems for large traders. Automated market makers (AMMs) may struggle with large orders in terms of slippage and impermanent loss, but using intents, a decentralized exchange (DEX) can source cheaper liquidity from professional market makers, who then source liquidity from CEXes and DEXes, and even from their clients’ orders.

It isn’t just about order fulfillment, however, it’s about the entire financial architecture. Soon, AI-powered solvers will dynamically allocate your assets across the entire spectrum—not just cryptocurrencies but also forex, stocks, and commodities. Think of them as your personal financial architects, constructing portfolios that evolve alongside market conditions and your ever-changing needs.

The implications are seismic. Currently dwarfed by its centralized counterparts, DEX volume stands poised for an exponential leap. Users won’t just experience CeFi-caliber execution quality; they’ll enter a financial future where regulatory baggage and counterparty risk vanish. It is the alluring horizon that AI-powered intent-driven trading paints: every platform, armed with its unique blend of AI algorithms and functionalities, fosters an environment of ferocious competition and unparalleled financial innovation.

AI’s integration with defi is more than just a technological arms race; it’s a battle for the very future of finance. As AI-powered intent-driven trading expands beyond traditional boundaries, encompassing realms like lending, borrowing, and wealth management, defi harbors the potential to become the omniscient financial steward for everyone. Intents, coupled with AI, could unlock the door to mass adoption, empowering users to control their financial destinies and realize previously unimaginable financial possibilities.

Part-and-parcel with intent-driven trading will be AI-powered predictive analytics that empowers investors with unparalleled accuracy, forecasting market trends and identifying investment opportunities with uncanny precision. Whether it’s spotting the next defi gem or anticipating market fluctuations, AI will turn novices into savvy investors.

The impact of AI-powered intents and solvers will extend into related areas, such as portfolio management, with AI potentially ushering in a new era of dynamic optimization, risk mitigation, and personalized asset allocation. Gone are the days of manual adjustments; with AI, traders will be able to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, maximizing returns and minimizing risks for defi participants. Another related area will be risk mitigation: AI’s real-time monitoring and data analysis will help detect anomalies and potential security breaches, strengthening defi protocols and making the ecosystem more secure and reliable.

AI-enabled automated trading will empower users to execute complex strategies quickly and precisely. AI can amplify the potential by leveraging vast data sets, learning from patterns, and making data-driven decisions, removing human emotions from the equation and achieving consistent, disciplined execution.

This unique perspective of AI augmenting human decision-making sets the stage for unparalleled opportunities in defi trading. AI-driven liquidity provision strategies will further enhance the ecosystem by ensuring a smoother trading experience and mitigating risks associated with low liquidity events.

As exciting as the current defi landscape is now, the future of defi is about intent-driven trading backed by a complete ecosystem powered by AI. From forecasting market trends and optimizing portfolios to mitigating risks and automating trading, AI is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with finance. In the coming years, we will witness defi, armed with the potent tools of AI, challenging the centralized giants and carving a new path toward financial liberation. 

Ran Yi

Ran Yi

Ran Yi is the CEO and co-founder of Orderly Network. Founded in 2022, Orderly Network is revolutionizing trading with its permissionless, omnichain liquidity layer. Ran also co-founded WOO Network and began his career in traditional finance, including China Merchants Bank & Freddie Mac. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

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