Interview: Blocksquare announces new launchpad to boost decentralized real estate investment

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Blocksquare, a protocol for real world asset tokenization, announced the release of its Oceanpoint v0.5 launchpad.

This Blocksquare (BST) update introduces Marketplace Pools to ease the process of decentralized, community-supported real estate investment and tokenization. This update will streamline how marketplace operators and community members can fund tokenized real estate.

“This launch underscores Blocksquare’s drive to progress RWA tokenization through community governance and funding,” Denis Petrovcic, Co-founder and CEO of Blocksquare told in an interview. “Oceanpoint v0.5 fosters a decentralized marketplace ecosystem where both community members and marketplace operators have the tools and incentives needed to thrive.”

Marketplace pools

Within Marketplace Pools, operators can present their ideas to the BST community and outline business plans and key performance indicators. Then, community members can approve these investment proposals, beginning with a minimum deposit of 500 sBST (the BST token). Once 100,000 sBST is reached, operators will receive full community support and enhanced APY incentives.

This initiative supports participation with contribution limits and a dual-lock mechanism to secure investments in hopes of creating a committed and stable BST community. 

Community members can benefit from higher APY rewards as they achieve the growth targets they’ve presented. Marketplace operators can secure the necessary support for projects and demonstrate commitment by setting performance metric goals and depositing collateral.


To ensure the security of money transactions on Marketplace Pools, Blocksquare has implemented several measures, including a dual-lock mechanism. 

“Blocksquare’s infrastructure and business model revolves around third-party operated marketplaces, known as Certified Partners (CPs),” explained Petrovcic exclusively to These CPs are registered within the smart contract system and can “launch their own marketplace of tokenized real estate.”

The dual-lock mechanism is a critical component of these security measures. 

“This mechanism ensures that both the CP and community members are committed to the pool’s success,” said Petrovcic. 

The CP must deposit a minimum of 500 sBST as collateral, which acts as a guarantee against underperformance and protects community members’ interests. It’s essentially a deposit to show that you are serious as a member.

Then, throughout the ongoing campaign, the maximum sBST amount that each wallet can contribute increases daily until halfway through. 

This is designed to incentivize early involvement and promote broader community participation. When the pool hits 100,000 sBST, the community lock and CP lock periods are triggered.

“The community lock, set at half the duration of the CP lock period, ensures investments remain committed for a predefined period. If the pool’s balance drops below 100,000 sBST for more than ten days, the community lock is lifted, prompting CP responsiveness,” said Petrovcic

To access Blocksquare’s real estate infrastructure, users acquire a lifetime software license tokenized using BST. Certified Partners who stake BST in the Main pool (sBST) can participate in Blocksquare’s partner program and qualify for fiat-based software licensing pricing discounts.

APY rewards

Regarding APY rewards, the launchpad connects Certified Partners with the BST community, offering substantial benefits through a structured APY rewards and project support system. 

“For CPs, the main incentive is to garner enough support through sBST pledges to achieve the highest partner status and operate on Blocksquare’s infrastructure with a 100% discount benefit,” explained Petrovcic. 

People who promise to contribute their sBST will have a personal stake in backing the CPs’ marketing endeavors. Petrovcic hopes this will establish a natural promotional framework that enhances the scope and effectiveness of their campaigns.

“The reward distribution is tailored to the unique aspects of the BST token model, calculating rewards based on the proportionate score of each pool. This ensures that marketplace pools with higher scores offer a higher APY to their community supporters.” Petrovcic said. When a marketplace pool reaches 100,000 sBST, it qualifies for APY rewards.

Enhanced APY incentives are offered through a reward distribution system that allocates a fixed amount of 125,000 BST to encourage participation in governance pools.

“When a marketplace pool reaches 100,000 sBST, it qualifies for APY rewards,” Petrovcic said. “If a pool’s sBST balance drops below 100,000, it must be restored by either the community or the CP to resume earning APY. This mechanism ensures that pools are adequately supported and incentivized to maintain a full sBST balance.”


Blocksquare’s Marketplace Pools set apart the platform from competitors by using the launchpad to distribute its tokenization infrastructure through Blocksquare’s DAO, enabling global reach. 

“This model allows investors to access diverse regional real estate opportunities worldwide, unlike competitors who focus on specific geographic markets or property types,” Petrovcic noted.

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