James Comey says a Trump incarceration is 'obviously doable’

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Former FBI Director James Comey said on Sunday he thinks imprisoning former President Trump is “obviously doable,” despite some logistic hurdles.

In an interview on “Inside with Jen Psaki” on Sunday, Comey was asked about some of the public’s concerns about the logistical challenges that may arise if law enforcement institutions try to imprison Trump – who was convicted this past week on 34 felony counts of falsifying false business records to cover up a scheme to conceal potentially damaging information before the 2016 presidential election.

“No,” Comey said about whether he agrees with those concerns.

“They would just put him in a double wide, somewhere out near the fence, out in the grass. And he would eat there. He’d shower there, he’d exercise there, he’d be away, as Danya Perry said, from general population,” Comey continued, citing the attorney of Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, who served time for related crimes.

“But it’s obviously doable,” Comey added.

Trump will be sentenced on July 11 and is not detained until that time. After that point, Comey said he wasn’t sure whether Trump will have to wear an ankle bracelet or go to jail.

 “I don’t know. It seems unlikely,” Comey said, when asked about the likelihood of either scenario. “But I’ve never seen a defendant beg for it more. By attacking the judge, attacking the jury, attacking the witnesses.”

“One of the key things in assessing what sentence is appropriate, a judge looks at, ‘So, are you sorry for what you did? Are you respecting the system?’ This defendant is running the other way.”

Trump violated his gag order ten times and was fined $10,000 as a result. After the trial, Trump railed against the judge and the district attorney and repeated many of the talking points he’s long made to the public.

“As far as the trial itself, it was very unfair,” Trump said on Friday.

“You saw what happened to some of the witnesses that were on our side. They were literally crucified by this man, who looks like an angel, but he’s really a devil,” Trump added, referring to Judge Juan Merchan.

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