Jump Crypto President Kanav Kariya stepping down 4 days after CFTC investigation reports 

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Kariya, who started as an intern at Jump, announced that he is stepping down, effective immediately. 

Kariya announced this resignation just four days after reports of a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) investigation. This inquiry is part of a series of investigations by either the CFTC or SEC into Jump.

“Today marks the end of an incredible personal journey for me. It’s my last day at Jump, a moment I’m receiving with both a heavy heart and great excitement about the road ahead, Kariya said. 

The CFTC has scrutinized Jump Crypto for its trading and investment activities in the crypto space. Since its founding in September 2021, Jump Crypto has emerged as a prominent participant in the industry, functioning as a top market maker and investor.

This resignation prompts questions about the upcoming investigation within the community regarding the precise nature of any potential inquiry. Regardless, Kariya indicated plans to stay engaged with portfolio companies while taking time to reflect on his future endeavors. 

“I plan to stay engaged with the portfolio companies I’ve been most involved with and hopefully take some time to process the unbelievably eventful few years we’ve had,” Kariya said.

Kariya’s career

Kariya started at Jump as an intern and was named Jump Crypto’s first president in 2021 when he was only 25. 

Kariya didn’t provide specific details about his next destination, only stating that he intends to “reconnect with friends and family and catch up on reading that I haven’t had time for.”

Jump Crypto was founded in 1999 by pit traders in Chicago and has significantly impacted the crypto market since establishing its crypto trading abilities in 2021. It has contributed to projects like Pyth and the crypto bridge Wormhole. 

During Kariya’s tenure, the firm had to bail out Wormhole after a $320 million hack and being implicated in the SEC’s lawsuit against Terraform Labs for its role in maintaining Terra’s peg during its collapse in 2021.

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