Lisa's Summer Thong Bikini Goes All In On The Coquette Trend

Summer is inching closer by the day and Lisa has already co-signed one of the season’s hottest beachwear trends. Today, the Blackpink megastar proved the staying power of coquettecore as she showed off a lemon-hued bikini. You wouldn’t expect fashion girls to untie their bows for summer, right?

Lisa’s bikini, a custom set from the beachwear brand TanTan, was trimmed with the perfect on-trend details. Her stringy bra top featured a simple triangle shape that was accented by two pink bows on either side. Over the thong bottoms, Lisa sported a cut-out coverup that went all in on coquette stylings. Her skirt was held together by a pair of ribbons that created the illusion of cut-outs. The rapper finished off her beachside moment with a white collared shirt that she tied loosely around her waist.

Stringy, minimalist bikinis have always been in. But nowadays, it seems like stars are busy spicing up the simple silhouette in any way possible. Here, Lisa approached the traditional swim shape on two fronts. There was a dose of the celebrity-approved Lemon Girl Summer sprinkled in from the citrus color of her set. And, of course, enough coquette to satisfy fashion’s in-crowd.

Lisa, who has been on quite the Lous Vuitton streak when it concerns her day-to-day style, already offered a glimpse into her 2024 vaccay fashion. The musician rang in the new year while wearing a see-through Jean Paul Gaultier mini dress that she repurposed as a coverup. Underneath, she sported another triangle bikini. And when she’s not lounging on the beach, her summer style is all about breezy and bold basics complete with standout accessories.

While bows seem inescapable nowadays, whether it be on the red carpet or otherwise, seeing them in a more lax setting underscores the versatility of the trend. Yes, they look good on something like Chloë Sevigny’s Simone Rocha confection. But they have just as much of an impact alongside something as simple as Lisa’s lemon bikini.

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