Lucy’s Trip Of A Lifetime In Marrakech!

The gardens caught me by surprise on this trip! I had no idea that these spectacular outdoor spaces would be a key feature of the trip, or indeed, how beautiful the gardens of Morocco would be.

One of the most memorable gardens we visited was The Jardin Secret Marrakech (no connection to the riad of the same name!). Housed within a palace-like complex that was built more than four hundred years ago, Le Jardin Secret sits behind tall walls in the centre of the old town, and as the name suggests, it feels like a secret oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

The gardens are divided into an exotic garden and an Islamic garden. The exotic garden has a jungle like feel, and is filled with plants and trees from all over the world, including incredible tall cactuses and spiky trees that feel almost prehistoric!

The Islamic garden is more spacious and structured, full of textural, tall grass-like plantings, lilac flowers and shady trees. This garden is said to be a metaphor for heaven — a sacred place, laid out according to rigid geometrical rules.

We also visited the Jardin Majorelle, a one-hectare botanical garden with vibrant blue pathways and brightly coloured architectural details, originally created by the French artist Jacques Majorelle over almost forty years, starting in 1923.

In 1980, famed fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (who had first arrived in Morocco in 1966) purchased the Jardin Majorelle, saving it from redevelopment. Alongside his partner Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent decided to live here, and to maintain the stunning gardens.

Today, the Jardin Majorelle sits adjacent to the Musee Yves Saint Laurent — as part of the ‘Style Morocco’ tour, you visit both the YSL museum and the Majorelle gardens in the same day.

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