Memecoin announces a viral tattoo challenge

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Eddie Seal memecoin team stirs X with $350 for Eddie Seal tattoo; $500 if on the head.

Memecoin announces a viral tattoo challenge - 1

On Sunday, June 16, X, formerly known as Twitter, buzzed with news from the Eddie Seal memecoin team. They announced a contest inviting people to get an Eddie Seal tattoo. Known for their quirky and often controversial ideas, the team is offering $350 to anyone who gets an Eddie tattoo. If someone gets the tattoo on their head, they’ll receive $500.

The news went viral quickly. Within 24 hours, videos of people getting Eddie Seal tattoos started appearing online. The team plans to share all these tattoo videos on their social media channels.

Eddie Seal is a popular memecoin, known for its high-quality animations and graphics on social media. It has been mentioned in reputable crypto news sources as a noteworthy memecoin. Recently, a popular Crypto Influencer, Crypto General ( @DaCryptoGeneral ), who is followed by Binance Founder CZ, tweeted about Eddie Seal. This led to an increase in the token’s value.

For more information about Eddie Seal visit the official website, or join the online community on Telegram and X.

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