Mercury Retrograde April 2024: How to Avoid Drama & Miscommunication

It’s that time again, folks—the dreaded season when old flames slide into our DMs, schedules get jumbled, flights are missed, and the weight of the world feels that much heavier. Yes, it’s the first Mercury retrograde of 2024, and brace yourselves because this one might be a wild ride. Officially kicking off on April 1 and lasting until April 25, we start feeling its effects from March 19. when the retrograde shadow period begins. During March 19-31, keep an eye out for any simmering issues in your life, because they may escalate during the retrograde.

What’s the scoop on this Mercury retrograde, and why is it shaping up to be more chaotic than usual? For starters, it’s happening in the fiery and dynamic sign of Aries. Aries, ruled by Mars, influences our actions, drives, and passions, lending this retrograde an impulsive and restless vibe. My advice? Take it easy during Mercury retrograde, and particularly watch out for impulsive actions in the coming weeks. While Aries energy pushes for quick decisions, remember that it may cloud your judgment, leading to potentially hasty decisions.

Aries also governs identity as the first sign of the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if you’re grappling with questions of self during this period. Resist getting caught up in self-doubt; instead, take time to reflect on whether you’re living authentically. It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves in the daily grind, and this retrograde might stir up drama in areas of life that no longer serve us.

Let’s also consider our assertiveness in communication. Thinking before speaking will be crucial in the coming weeks. With Mercury in Aries, conversations may be direct and sharp, and misunderstandings are more likely during the retrograde. So, take a moment to breathe before engaging in potentially contentious dialogue. This advice applies across the board, not just to tough conversations. Expect mental and communicative flow to be reactive, so practice patience.

Before diving into personalized horoscopes, here are some dos and don’ts for the retrograde period:

  1. Do: Have introspective conversations to ensure you’re honoring yourself and your personal beliefs/truths.
  2. Don’t: Force your beliefs or desires onto others.
  3. Do: Ensure your voice is heard and express your thoughts.
  4. Don’t: Dominate conversations; allow space for other voices.
  5. Do: Practice breathing exercises and other grounding techniques.
  6. Don’t: Jump to conclusions or make rash decisions based on immediate reactions.

Remember, for the most accurate reading, check your rising sign—and for additional insights, peek at your sun and moon signs.


Aries, brace yourself for a challenging Mercury Retrograde ahead. This period might feel a tad overwhelming, with eclipses uncovering new facets of your personality and Mercury adding a perplexing twist to the mix. Identity and self-perception take the spotlight during this phase. You might feel the urge to revamp your appearance or refresh how you present yourself to the world. Alternately, you might encounter a series of frustrating setbacks, leaving you feeling like you’re constantly battling against the current. As an Aries, patience isn’t always your strongest suit, but it’s crucial now more than ever. Take this time to pace yourself and avoid burning out as you prepare for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.


During this period, your dreams, imagination, and intuition will be heightened. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your innermost self and tap into your core essence. Your spirit is intricately connected to the universe, so prioritize activities like meditation or journaling to slow down and reflect. Be mindful of making assumptions or indulging in melodrama—focus your energy on what truly matters and avoid investing in nonexistent issues.


During this Mercury Retrograde, you might feel a bit off-kilter in the coming weeks. Be cautious of conflicts within your community and strive for autonomy without overstepping boundaries (and don’t let others walk all over you, either!). You might find yourself feeling like a lone wolf, and that’s perfectly okay. Just ensure you’re not being pushed around or overly influenced. Focus on expanding your awareness of your goals and finding more autonomy in pursuing them.


You might sense tensions brewing in your career during this retrograde. As a nurturing individual, it’s natural for you to prioritize others, but now is the time to consider how your actions align with your own goals and aspirations. Be cautious about diving into new business ventures, as Mercury may stir up unnecessary drama. Practice patience with your colleagues and yourself. If work isn’t progressing as quickly as you’d like, see it as a cue from the universe to slow down. Conversely, if things are moving too swiftly and you’re feeling overwhelmed, take it as a sign to delegate tasks. Use this opportunity to ensure your hard work and efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated.


You might begin to question your beliefs, which is crucial for personal growth. Expect confusion and anxiety during this period. Be cautious when traveling or embarking on trips—while it’s not forbidden, proceed with care. Avoid becoming overly extroverted and losing sight of your surroundings. While you have the power to define your values, remember that others have their own autonomy, too. Don’t forget that learning often comes from connecting with others.


During this time, you might uncover some deep-seated traumas or hidden aspects of yourself. Don’t suppress them—instead, face your inner demons head-on. This Mercury retrograde encourages you to examine what’s holding you back from progress. Are you avoiding confronting issues that weigh heavily on your mind? I strongly suggest journaling, seeking therapy, or having those tough conversations you’ve been avoiding. It’s crucial to prioritize your well-being and address your needs as an individual.


Interactions with others may face challenges during this period. Business contracts, in particular, might be problematic, so it’s crucial to thoroughly review all paperwork before signing. Be extra considerate towards your partner if you’re married, and if you’re planning an engagement or wedding, don’t worry—it’s still a go! Just ensure that all agreements are approached with patience and care. Relationship tensions may arise, so pay attention to how you assert yourself with your partner.


During this Mercury retrograde, you might find yourself feeling sluggish, so it’s important to slow down your pace. I encourage you to act with intention and establish strategies to prevent burnout. This could mean scaling back on work commitments, easing up at the gym, or taking extra care to avoid getting sick. Take a moment to review your schedule and identify tasks you can delegate or remove altogether. With potential confusion and misunderstandings in the air, be patient and take control of your days on your own terms.


Get ready, because this retrograde is heating up for you. Watch out for old flames resurfacing, as it’s a classic Mercury retrograde scenario. Use this time to reflect on matters related to your passions. Are you being too impulsive in love? Perhaps you’re indulging excessively, or maybe you’re holding back from embracing your autonomy and finding joy. Don’t indulge recklessly during this period, but do take time for yourself to reconnect with what brings you happiness. Remember, you’re in control of your own enjoyment, but always respect others along the way.


You’re naturally driven at work, but now’s the time to focus on home matters. The retrograde might stir up drama, whether it’s with family or household issues like a leaky faucet. Avoid knee-jerk reactions. Use this period to tidy up and address long-standing issues so you’re not overwhelmed later. Reflect on your role at home and your responsibilities. Take deliberate action without rushing or cutting corners. Patience is key to avoid unnecessary stress during this time.


Aquarius, get ready for a period where your communication style and thought processes come into focus. You’re naturally straightforward, which is a strength, but you might notice increased miscommunication and misunderstandings. While Aries’s influence encourages directness, the retrograde can make your approach seem too forceful. Consider how you give and receive information. Can you assertively share your perspective while also allowing space for others? Embrace your humanitarian nature to foster harmony during this time.


Pisces, amid your ongoing journey of transformation, this transit brings another wave of change. It’s time to reassess your relationship with material possessions and finances. Despite Pisces’s inclination away from analytical pursuits, embrace this period as an opportunity to tighten your budget and spending habits. The influence of Aries might tempt you to be impulsive, so stay vigilant and consider where adjustments are needed. Moreover, you may struggle to assert your desires and worth. Are you waiting passively for things to happen? Use this Mercury retrograde to explore and assertively pursue your goals and desires.

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