MetaMask gets new Delegation Toolkit for effortless Web3 onboarding

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Consensys, the firm behind the popular MetaMask wallet, has introduced an array of tools aimed to help make web3 onboarding easier for new users.

Introduced during the EthCC event, the Delegation Toolkit will help developers create decentralized applications (DApps) and protocols that offer novel user experiences.

To make onboarding seamless, the toolkit eliminates the need for interaction with traditional wallets. It also curbs the need for additional extensions, allowing users instant access to dApps without needing to manage seed phrases or deal with pop-ups and confirmations.

Further, the tool simplifies smart contract development. The tool allows developers to reassign gas costs and create more user-friendly dApps. As such, some interactions that required transaction fees are now “completely free and instant.”

By offloading these costs, developers can attract a wider audience, making blockchain technology more inclusive and appealing.

The toolkit natively supports all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, such as Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Linea, Optimism, and Polygon.

In addition to these features, the MetaMask Delegation Toolkit also offers customizable permission and enforcement systems. Developers are able to set custom policies, invite others to DApps, and allocate allowances, creating a tailored and controlled experience.

Dan Finlay, the co-founder of MetaMask, said in a statement the toolkit would allow developers to “decide” the conditions for executing specific tasks, eliminating the need for “confirmations.”

“You can now have uninterrupted flows within the website,” Finlay added.

The toolkit is the latest enhancement announced to improve MetaMask. The announcement follows Consensy’s bid to bolster the Web3 wallet’s security with the acquisition of Wallet Guard, a security app.

Wallet Guard’s security features, such as real-time detection of scams and wallet drainers, will be integrated into MetaMask as part of the acquisition. 

Besides strengthening its overall infrastructure, MetaMask has also been testing transactions on Mastercard’s payments network. This followed a partnership with Revolut, the European neo-ban, to simplify the process of buying cryptocurrency directly from the wallet.

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