Michigan governor’s debate: Gretchen Whitmer, Tudor Dixon clash over abortion and COVID school closings

Tuesday’s final Michigan governor debate was dominated by abortion and school closings caused by a coronavirus.

Democratic Gov. Two weeks before Election Day, Gretchen Whitmer faced Tudor Dixon, her GOP challenger. Both women tried to paint the other as an extremist on abortion, as polls showed the race was getting closer.

Whitmer, who is running for the second term of Michigan’s chief executive, stated that “you can’t trust everything she says when it involves reproductive rights.”

Dixon accused Whitmer, in turn, of being outside the political mainstream regarding abortion.

Dixon, a mother-of-four and former conservative commentator, said that the governor was dishonest. “She voted against partial-birth abortion in her past.”

Both women agreed that voters would decide the decision. Voters will be able to approve or reject a ballot initiative in Michigan this year that codifies abortion protections into the state’s constitution.

Dixon stated, “If this is what people want, then that’s when I will enforce it.”

The candidates also argued about school closings at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor stated that he had worked closely with both Republican and Democratic

governors. “The governor said that the children were out for three months.” “The truth is that education is what level the playing field for everyone, and we have under-invested for decades in it.”

Dixon accused Whitmer, of her part in keeping Michigan’s public schools closed longer than other states.

“Perhaps she didn’t pay attention to what was going on. Dixon said that even

schools were closing this year. “Maybe she believes she can convince her that schools were closed for three months. But you know better because your students are the ones who are most in need.”

According to polls, the race between Whitmer and Dixon is becoming close. The race has been defined to this point by issues such as abortion and crime, as well as inflation.

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