New Hampshire newspaper backs Phillips ahead of primary

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A New Hampshire newspaper on Monday endorsed Dean Phillips on the Democratic ticket ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday, just after endorsing Republican candidate Nikki Haley on the GOP ticket.

In the editorial, the New Hampshire Union Leader praised the two candidates as being “in this race to offer a reasonable alternative to the Trump/Biden rematch we are told is inevitable.”

“We have met many presidential primary candidates over the years. We have always let our readers know who we thought to be the best choice among the many contenders. We already let you know that Nikki Haley is our choice on the Republican ticket. Some of you may be handed a Democratic ballot on Tuesday and if so, you should consider Dean Phillips,” the newspaper wrote in the editorial.

The editorial praised both candidates as good alternatives to the two parties’ front-runners, President Biden and former President Trump, and said while the paper does not agree with most of Phillips’s policy positions, they lauded his focus on New Hampshire and pointed to his age, 55, as a plus.

“For anyone who supports Joe Biden for his policies but would prefer a president born during the Vietnam war rather than WWII, they will not be disappointed with Dean Phillips. Most importantly, Dean Philips is on the ballot and actively campaigning in the Granite State,” the editorial read.

The editorial compared traits of Phillips and Haley — noting that they share a birthday, Jan. 20 — and “they each spent it where a presidential candidate should, on the trail in New Hampshire.”

“They both talk about term limits. They both talk about the problems of ballooning national deficits and debt. They both profess to offer pragmatic leadership and understand the constitutional limits on presidential power,” the editorial continued.

Phillips has focused on New Hampshire as he mounts a primary challenge to the incumbent president’s reelection campaign. He has been highly scrutinized by members of his own party, who claim he undermines Biden’s chances for reelection. Phillips, however, has said he would not remain in the race if it remains clear his campaign would help Trump become president.

The editorial subtly poked fun at the effort to get voters to write in Biden’s name at the ballot box, concluding the editorial by writing, “We will now give you careful instructions on how to cast a ballot for Dean Phillips.”

“Step 1 – Find Dean Phillips’ name and fill in the circle next to it. Step 2 – (There is no step 2).”

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