PEPE’s marketcap soars as KangaMoon presale draws investors

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As PEPE’s market cap aims for $50 billion after a tenfold surge, KangaMoon (KANG) emerges as a formidable contender with its presale results.

Pepe (PEPE) has recently pumped 10x and now has its sights on a $50 billion market cap. Meanwhile, it seems like KangaMoon (KANG) is making huge strides as it grows during a presale event of discounted tokens.

Pepe surges 968%

Pepe the Frog, a popular internet meme gaining widespread recognition in online culture, has expanded its influence in the cryptocurrency market. The launch of Pepe coin during the first quarter of 2023 transformed the meme into a legitimate digital asset, with a $2 billion valuation amassed in under a month.

Investors who got in early on Pepe became millionaires overnight as the price peaked at $0.000004354 in May. There was some initial skepticism from the community regarding the legitimacy of the Pepe coin, but its success in the market has silenced all doubts.

Despite a sharp market correction to a low of $0.000000617 in late 2023, Pepe has gained 968% to reach a current price of $0.000006595 amid the current memecoin frenzy. The 20% drop in the last week shows that Pepe still has a high level of volatility, but its growth in the last six months is hard to ignore.

Looking ahead, some analysts forecast that Pepe coin could reach a market capitalization of over $20 billion during peak bull market conditions. This would translate to a staggering 1,705% increase from its current price to a high of $0.00011904. However, such predictions hinge on Bitcoin staying above $60,000 and the Pepe community maintaining its massive following.

The Pepe chart reveals strong support at the $0.000004000 level. For those looking to invest in Pepe, a drop to this level could be a good opportunity to buy. Conversely, psychological resistance at $0.000010000 could be a tough barrier for Pepe to break through.

Kangamoon’s P2E gaming model

Kangamoon is an upcoming project that combines the fun of meme culture with play-to-earn gaming and social finance. The goal is to offer exciting gameplay that allows players to compete against each other and earn KANG tokens as rewards.

The adventure in Kangamoon begins with players crafting their personalized avatars, which they can enhance by acquiring various in-game assets, including weaponry and power-ups. These assets can be purchased with KANG tokens or won through active gameplay and competition.

The decentralized marketplace offers a platform for players to exchange their assets and trade on the open market. It’s easy to exchange KANG tokens for other cryptocurrencies, so players can easily cash out their earnings from the game.

Kangamoon is not just about gameplay but also prioritizes community building and engagement. The developers plan to introduce social features allowing players to interact and share their gaming experiences.

KANG’s presale thrives

Kangamoon’s ecosystem is powered by a carefully allocated total supply of 1 billion KANG tokens, which are designated for in-game rewards, marketing initiatives, staking benefits, and more. This ensures a sustainable token economy and steady demand for KANG tokens.

A portion of these tokens can be bought during the ongoing presale event for discounted prices. Starting at $0.005, KANG tokens are now selling for $0.014 in the fourth presale stage. As more tokens are sold, the price is expected to increase gradually until it gets listed on tier-1 exchanges.

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community.

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