Polkadot, Stacks reach peaks; emerging AI altcoin gains traction

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Polkadot and Stacks hit all-time highs, while InQubeta (QUBE), an Ethereum-based altcoin for crowdfunding AI projects, raises over $11.5 million in its ICO.

For many analysts, the crypto market is undergoing a golden phase where innovators are working toward blurring the lines between DeFi and mainstream finance. The recent rollout of crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US was a step in the right direction, which helped the market bring more people under its ambit. 

Recording investor inflows worth billions of dollars within just three months of their launch, these financial products have catalyzed the market. Now, analysts are eagerly looking for the next crypto that could meet the ETF acceptance criteria.

Another benefit of the ETFs’ US debut is their overall impact on the market. Multiple cryptocurrencies have recorded a rally in their process—coins like Polkadot (DOT) and Stacks (STX), which have hit all-time highs. 

InQubeta: Widening the scope for success for AI startups

InQubeta has chartered an unexplored category for startups – crypto-based fundraising. Using blockchain and DeFi basics, the platform helps startups build a strong foundation for success. 

The InQubeta ecosystem has launched a native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token which serves as the medium of exchange on the network. This means that all payments are streamlined because the same digital currency is used for them. 

The token is built on the ERC-20 model and can be a sustainable option for those seeking bankable portfolio additions. 

The total stock of QUBE tokens has an upper cap of 1.5 billion. The tokenomics has been decided to promote maximum growth for the platform. While 65% of the supply will eventually be sold in the market, the rest will go towards sustaining the platform and expanding its reach. 

As a mode of payment for InQubeta, the QUBE token is used for investing in AI projects created by startups which are made to go through a stringent screening process before onboarding. 

To apprise investors about their projects, startups submit investment proposals for their projects. These proposals are minted as NFTs to make them more accessible for crypto users across the world.

Through InQubeta’s NFT portal, people can evaluate different projects and then buy the relevant NFT. As these tokenized assets can be fractionalised, crypto users have the benefit of dividing their corpus between projects.

Astra uses Polkadot CDK to power its zkEVM 

Polkadot is an interoperable ecosystem of sovereign blockchains that help transfer data and assets. These sovereign systems, called parachains, give developers the leeway to customize their solutions. 

It has emerged as one of the best crypto investments currently, as it can support many use cases. 

Its native token DOT is used for all transactions within the Polkadot network. 

The platform added another achievement to its name after Astra Network deployed its zkEVM on March 6, 2024, on the mainnet by leveraging the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). 

The CDK is an open-source tool for creating Layer 2 systems that are powered by zero-knowledge technology. 

Stacks to onboard DeSpread as a signer

Counted among the top crypto coins of 2024, Stacks is a Layer 2 Bitcoin solution with a native token called STX. It facilitates the deployment of dApps and smart contracts that leverage Bitcoin as a base layer.

Stacks help developers build on the cryptocurrency’s potential without tweaking the Bitcoin structure. 

In a recent development, web 3.0 strategy consulting firm DeSpread announced it was joining with Stacks to promote blockchain innovation. 

As part of the project, DeSpread would be integrated within the Stacks network as a signer to support the expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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