Pompeo claims allies are worried adversaries see Biden as ‘weak’

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he thinks the United States’ allies are worried that global adversaries, namely Russia, see President Biden as “weak” and find his presidency an opportunity to gain an advantage.

Pompeo, a Fox News contributor, joined Fox News’ Sandra Smith Friday to discuss national security. He argued that the three Russian warships that reached waters in Cuba this week, at one point passing less than 30 miles off the coast of Florida, are worrisome.

Pompeo noted other recent news, including the arrests of several people with suspected ties to the Islamic State and the influx of migrants at the southern border, and said Russia has determined “there is literally no risk to moving ships into Cuba.”

“I think the bad guys view our president as failed and weak and I think our allies are very worried that America won’t be there when they need them,” he said.

His statements follow the reports of the Russian fleet of warships and small boats crossing into the Havana Bay this week. A Russian nuclear-powered submarine, not assessed to be carrying nuclear weapons, was also spotted. The ships are expected to partake in air and naval exercises in the coming weeks and U.S. officials said the drills are not considered to be a threat.

Pompeo said Americans should be “much less worried” about the Russian fleet sailing nearby because its “an isolated incident” but they should be concerned that there is “a pattern of the Biden administration failing to protect the most basic security interests of the United States of America.”

He also highlighted the influx of migrants coming from around the world at the U.S.-Mexico border and hopes the FBI “has their arms around it” but said there is no way to count on law enforcement when thousands of people are entering the country.

“These aren’t just from Mexico and Central America any longer,” he said. “This risk is very real and I fear that one day we will wake up to a really bad outcome as a result of the failed border policies over the last three and a half years.”  

It’s not the first time Pompeo has slammed Biden. In April, Pompeo said Biden’s response to a threat from Iran did nothing to deter the country from retaliating against U.S. ally Israel in the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict.

After a report raised questions about Biden’s declining mental acuity, Pompeo sounded the alarm, saying the president can’t follow “basic skill sets that every leader of the free world needs to have.” Pompeo said Biden’s state poses an “enormous risk” for the U.S. because adversaries can sense that America’s leader is declining.

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