Pompliano: Bitcoin and AI remain in decade-long bullish trend 

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In a Monday morning CNBC interview, Anthony Pompliano discussed how Bitcoin’s current pullback follows bullish trends, and he discussed how AI and Bitcoin will work in tandem over the next decade.

Pompliano highlighted decade-long bullish trends for both AI and Bitcoin, noting their potential to create and store wealth.

“I’m going to go into the office and buy some more,” Pompliano said about his desire to buy more Bitcoin (BTC) at cheaper prices. 

Bitcoin down 15% 

When asked about the current slump in Bitcoin’s price, Pompliano remained optimistic about the digital asset, claiming that retail investors, traditional profit takers, and broader market dynamics are at play.

In bullish markets, Pompliano said pullbacks of 30% are expected. As such, the current 15% decline is consistent with reasonable predictions.

“I think it is important to put this in context: Bitcoin is up 40% year-to-date. It’s up 100% over the last year,” Pompliano said. “In terms of volatility, this is pretty expected.”

Pompliano also mentioned a change in trading habits, profit takers, and the summertime as reasons for Bitcoin’s price decrease. Typically, asset trading declines during the summer months, and many people take profits during this time. 

“When an asset goes up a lot, people start to take profit…we’ve seen this explosive rally to start the year, and people naturally start to take some of that profit,” Pompliano said. 

AI and Bitcoin 

Bitcoin and artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging as forces working in tandem to rework how wealth is created and stored. AI is transforming how we manage, analyze, and safeguard digital assets as Bitcoin solidifies its position as a dependable store of value and decentralized financial asset, Pompliano said. 

“We are going into this automated world where AI is going to create enormous amounts of wealth, and Bitcoin is going to protect that wealth,” Pompliano said. 

Citing “massive tailwinds” supporting both AI and crypto development, Pompliano said that AI productivity could increase global GDP. This aligns with other investor trends as Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst for Binance, forecasts that global ETF assets will triple from their current $13 trillion to reach $35 trillion by 2035.


When spot crypto ETFs were approved earlier this year, most of the increase in crypto investment resulting from that announcement came from retail investors. This indicates that a significant portion of the funds invested in spot ETFs is from individual traders rather than big traditional financial institutions.

“About 80% of the inflows into the ETF were actually retail,” Pompliano said. “What takes a lot of time inside these organizations is that advisors have to go to individual investors and committees… which takes time.” 

Spot crypto ETFs earlier this year led to a notable increase in crypto investment primarily driven by retail investors rather than big traditional financial institutions. 

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