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Popular crypto analyst backs new GameFi token, predicts big gains

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Popular crypto analyst Michael Wrubel endorses the new GameFi token DICE, projecting significant growth following its successful $650k presale.

A new GameFi token is making waves in the crypto world, having recently launched its ICO. Mega Dice is a popular crypto casino with over 50,000 players that combines two of the most popular trends in crypto right now: GameFi and GambleFi.

It recently launched a presale for its brand-new DICE token, where early buyers can get the token for $0.069. The presale has been a huge results, raising over $650k in just two weeks of launch.

Many traders looking for the next big gambling token are turning toward Mega Dice. Let’s see why popular crypto analysts like Michael Wrubel are backing this GameFi token for big gains in 2024.

Trending GameFi platform with $50 million+ bets

Mega Dice is the first licensed crypto casino investors can use directly through Telegram. It aims to redefine the GambleFi space by changing how users gamble with crypto.

The Mega Dice Casino launched last year and has since attracted 50,000+ players, with over 10,000 active monthly users. It offers 4500+ games, including traditional casino games like roulette and slot machines. It also has a sportsbook where users can bet on and livestream over 50 sports and Esports.

Mega Dice Casino’s popularity over the past year has skyrocketed, which is evident in its average monthly bets of over $50 million. The platform’s recently launched presale allows early buyers to buy DICE before it officially hits the market.

Players holding DICE can earn cashback at the Mega Dice Casino, get special NFTs, and stand a chance to win big airdrops. The platform also offers high bonuses and has a referral commission program. Users can earn a 10% commission (with no upper limit) on the amount invested by new investors referred by them.

Interested users can enter the Mega Dice Telegram channel to keep up with the latest platform updates.

Popular crypto analyst is highly bullish on DICE

Michael Wrubel is a renowned crypto analyst with over 300k subscribers on YouTube. He is highly bullish on Mega Dice for 2024. He believes Mega Dice can capture a big chunk of the GameFi market, which is expected to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the coming years.

According to Wrubel, the DICE token holds huge growth potential. He pointed out how its value is not just speculative, but it also offers real benefits and exclusive rewards to its holders.

The DICE token will change how players get rewards. DICE token holders can get unique daily rewards based on how well the casino performs, which no other crypto casinos offer.

He also highlighted how Mega Dice is doing a massive airdrop worth $2.25 million. This airdrop is divided into three seasons, and each season will give out $750,000 to its participants. Players must bet at least $5,000 to get rewards in the first season. Eligible players could win up to $37,500 each season.

Since Mega Dice casino is already doing well, Michael Wrubel believes the recent launch of the DICE token will improve the platform’s utility. He points out how the gaming sector will keep growing and attracting millions of users worldwide, and Mega Dice can benefit from this trend.

DICE could be the next big gambling token after Rollbit

The platform has a clear roadmap, with plans to expand the token’s utility by including it in a big loyalty program. This program will offer high rewards and special access to VIP experiences and competitions.

Per the Mega Dice whitepaper, Mega Dice has set a supply cap of 420 million DICE tokens. In the ongoing presale phase, 35% of the total tokens will be offered to early buyers at a discounted price. It’s worth noting that the current price of $0.069 will go up after the first $1 million is raised.

Mega Dice’s initial investor enthusiasm shows a similar trajectory to that of other successful tokens like Rollbit and TG.Casino, which made millions for its early supporters.

Interested investors can buy DICE tokens by connecting their crypto wallet to the DICE Token presale site and swapping it for cryptos like ETH, BNB, or SOL.

Users can follow Mega Dice on X (Twitter) to get the latest updates on the platform’s progress. To learn more, visit the Mega Dice token presale.

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