Rosalía's Off-Duty Look Mixes Coquettecore With a Literal Straitjacket

Nowadays, almost anything can be turned into capital-F fashion. Just ask Rosalía whose choice of outerwear today conjured up connotations of a literal straitjacket. Maybe, she’s taken some inspiration from the escape artist Harry Houdini. Or, maybe she’s even jotted down a note or two from her friend Dua Lipa’s new song “Houdini.” More likely, Rosalía’s just doing what Rosalía does best: make even the most off-kilter fashion pairings work.

The Spanish musician was spotted in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood on Tuesday with a street style outfit only a true Motomami could pull off. She based her look around a beige high-low jacket that featured a host of edgy restraining devices like leather belt straps and silver buckle loops. Rosalía left most of the belts unbuckled for a more casual feel which led us to conclude that this straitjacket was more concerned with form rather than actual function. Alongside the general edginess of the coat, things were taken up a notch with the piece’s extra long sleeves which went almost all the way to the singer’s knees. Thankfully, there were armhole cut-outs just below her waist that presumably made this contraption all worthwhile.

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With a jacket of this nature, one might expect Rosalía to go even grungier with the rest of her look— perhaps in something like Kim Kardashian’s moto boots or her go-to uniform of all-black everything. Instead, the singer opted for something more coquettecore, less Motomami. She layered a white prairie dress below her jacket which was designed with a series of lace cut-outs and a scalloped hemline. The musician’s choice of heel-less Rick Owens boots proved to be the perfect finishing touch to her curveball off-duty moment.

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Rosalía has proven herself to be one of music’s more experimental dressers. So, even when she does wear something traditionally feminine like this white dress, she sprinkles in hardcore elements whether it be no-show boots or a literal straitjacket. We’re not quite sure what Rosalía got up to in this outfit, but given that she’s in the Big Apple it’s likely she’ll be attending the Met Gala next Monday. If she does in fact grace the Met steps for the third time, here’s to hoping she’s figured a way out of this jacket.

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